Especially Haruko Miyamoto is not only the facial features,In addition, there is an aristocratic atmosphere on her。It’s like a princess who wants to regain her country is isolated and helpless。

Minami Topo at this time,I was attracted by this breath,Suddenly a little stunned。
Until Haruko Miyamoto speaks,Nanye Tubo returned to his mind。
“Mr. Minano,I’m Haruko Miyamoto,This is my cousin Futian Feng,Is my guardian now。Grandpa Futian said he made an appointment for us today,So we are here waiting for Mr. Nanye to arrive。How about we eat first,I’ll talk about business after dinner?”
“it is good,it is good!eat first!”At this time, Takuhiro Nanno seemed to be fascinated by Haruko,Not even the calmness of the past。
As for Qin Feng,Haruko is the only one left in Minano’s eyes,Where would you care about this so-called cousin。
of course,At the beginning, Minano Takuhiro knew about Haruko Miyamoto.,It’s just that at that time, he thought it was a woman who sent her home for the family.。He didn’t look down on it,I even think it’s ok to play,It’s impossible to get yourself into the game。
but now,He was very glad he was here。Otherwise, I missed the chance to meet Haruko。And now,He also hopes to leave a beautiful image in front of Haruko。So when eating, pay attention to the etiquette on the table。Highlight that he is a polite superior。
This is a far cry from Qin Feng。The latter gobbles up food,Didn’t consider other people’s feelings at all。
“what,I am full!”Qin Feng was very impatient,Then relax。After all, he also knows,This time there is actually no room for him to speak,He is the role of this bodyguard,Don’t let Tubo Nanno do something against Haruko’s wishes。
At this moment Haruko Miyamoto said,“Mr. Minano,Let’s go directly to the topic。Is such that,After my grandpa passed away,It was meant to be the owner
Location passed to my father。But then my father had an accident,Then Miyamoto Okano took over the magpie’s nest,Not only occupy the entire Miyamoto family,Also sweep me out。So now I want to get back what belongs to me。I hope Mr. Nanye can ask General Nanye to help。
After it’s done,Our company of the Miyamoto family gives the general 20% of the shares。Conservative estimate,The annual net profit should have billions of island country gold coins。”
Haruko had prepared these words before。After all, it’s not justified for the other party to help you,It’s obviously not easy to talk at this time,So in the end,It’s better to state the benefits clearly。