Li Tianzhen frowned,Looked at Ma Zi,“Here is more suitable for growing opium?”

“Have……Kind of,But not here。”Ma Tsai bites his scalp and mumbles。
“Yoha?Is there a cave inside??”
“The locals in this place are called Sifeng Mountain,Taniguchi is just a periphery。There are two mountains behind,There is a big slope in the middle of the hill,There is also a King Yu Terrace above,Brother Man said it looks like a gossip picture,That place……Kind of。”Looked at everyone’s eyes,Ma Zai wiped his forehead and simply opened it。
“Ha ha,so,There is a hidden castle along the way、Secret whistle?”
“Two miles ahead,The river turns right,Is an entrance,There is a secret whistle behind the entrance,There are a few broken houses in the woods behind,Is for us to sleep temporarily。”Ma Zai wiped the sweat from his forehead again,I took a peek at Li Tianzhen’s face,Then continue:“No more feeding,What’s inside,Really don’t know。Really,I’m just an outsider,Not qualified to enter。”
“Since I can’t get in,So what do you so-called outsiders do??”
“Uh,Small quantities are usually shipped,We are responsible for escorting。”
“Small shipment?“Li Tianzhi was quite surprised,”Could it be that there are still a lot of?!”
“I do not know then,Really don’t know。“Ma Tsai shivered in shock,“When nothing,We usually stay in Yunshan,What does Brother Man usually say?,what are we going to do,I dare not ask the others。”
“Xingguo,Let’s go first to check the situation,Brother Tao, please take care of the injury。”Li Tianzhen lost interest in talking to Ma Tsai,Instead, he turned his head and discussed with Kwon Heung Kuk。
The two have no objection,Settle in Qi Baozhu,Li Tianzhen checked the gun,So he escorted Ma Zai out。Quan Xingguo carefully checked the surrounding terrain again,When the figure of Li Tianzhen in front is almost gone,Just to catch up。
Lush along the way,Because Ma Tsai is familiar with the terrain,There were almost no obstacles and arrived near the secret post at the entrance。After careful observation,Li Tianzhen confirmed that there was no one in this secret whistle,After he gave a safe gesture to Quan Xingguo behind him,Continue on with the horse,Not long,Several simple thatched houses built under the cliffs are in front of you,Obviously it’s also unpopulated。
There is a strong musty smell in the thatched house,The furnishings inside are also extremely shabby and simple,Except for beds and tables and chairs with missing arms and legs,There are no other objects。