Chapter 875 I will help you practice.

“You have sure you want to go to the Western Western Snow Mountain?《Jade》Useless?”Li Mozhen heard the decision of Chu Deirers,Can’t help but lock。
Li Moqi is not what is urgent,Not even,But I am worried that I can’t find the cold.、It is not so easy to find it.。
If you can use it directly《Jade》It is good to resolve.……
I heard Li Mozhen said so.,Chu Deirers are slightly awkward:“Useless。”No detail,In fact, if the double repair is effective,Perhaps useful,But now normal cultivation,It is definitely the rule of the standard。
“I’ll go as well。”Li Mo said directly。
Maybe worry that Chu Deee refuses,Li Moqi added a sentence:“You can say,August twenty-six,I have been watching me.。”
This is different from the previous situation,Li Mozhen doesn’t think how big is the trip?——Directly face the cold,Maybe there is danger,But I want to know,The main difficulties are looking for cold,More people have multiple!
What should I do to go together?,Small hoe martial arts is often normal,Just medical skills、Toxicity,And Li Mozhen has never put himself as the weak.。
“kindness,I am also thinking about telling you.,You help me take care of the Master。”Chu Deirers directly agreed。
“Take care of spirit?how about you?”Li Mozhen heard the words。
“I took the dragon head first step.,Then we will be August 26,exist……Snow Mountain Party!”Chu Deirers have stared on the snowy mountain.。
Western Snow Mountain,Not a mountain,But a large scope。
Bi Guangming top、Biwei Big Snow Mountain、Biantian Palace,Slowly find,It is definitely no efficiency。
Chu Deirers have passed the channels of the air,Transfer news to the bright top and the Lingbi Palace,At the same time, you will not have a real place snake.“Snow Mountain School”Assistance!
I don’t know how my good four brothers arrived in the snowy mountain.,They should not go too fast all the way.,Nothing now, there is no news。
If you have obtained the snow mount,That is just——Sun girl with snow mountain,The snow mountain party will be more willing to help.?
“With my teacher?Otherwise, we will start three,You will go first?”Li Mozhen also knows time urgent,Chu Deirers should be to first go to the snow mountain。
“Do not,《Jade》Although I can’t cure,But the work can be alleviated,Need me to cooperate。”Chu Deirers said,Faceless。
Be right,The reason for bringing a little ornament,Is to give her a minimum——Every three days of work,Can suppress the pain of the small dragon girl,Also extended life。
“You come together?”Li Mozhen watched the Chu Deirers。
Li Mo did not practice《Jade》,But also know the cultivation《Jade》when,Some requirements for loading……
Weird eyes,I saw Chu Deirers.,After that, Li Mozhen will open the mouth.:“kindness,Then you are ready to prepare,Our Peace will start tomorrow。”
Chu Deirers are shy to leave,Touch your head and find a small dragon……
After separating Wang Zhongyang,He first came first, Li Mozhen——After all, I saw a little dragon or shy.!
Come to the stone room in the head,Chu Deirers adjusted breathing,Press yourself in your heart:Teacher should have already said with the dragon.,I don’t have to say more.,She will understand,And I will enter directly and enter.“Tire”The status is……
After doing psychological construction,Chu Deiren opened the stone door。
Then Chu Deiren saw,The head is sitting at this time.,Go back to yourself,Although long hair and waist,But still can’t see the frank line,And the white silk——Herone is already cultivating《Jade》Required dress!
Snow white long skirt with litter,Positive stacking。
“Dragon……Dragon?”Chu Deirers breathe a stagnation,Can’t help but call。