Ancient cloud is very clear,Want to go at the Dragon Family,If there is no means,Founded。

so,He turned his gaze to Longxing Yue very early.,And unfolding pursuit,Today is the first time。
He is not in the age of Dragon,I don’t care about her death.,He only cares about the power and strength of the dragon。
If there is a dragon home as an arm,He believes that he must be active.。
Lakeside,Dragon’s villa。
Longxing Moon, which works in the same morning,Wearing a cheongsam,Entry a hot cup,Lazy standing on the balcony。
“Beijing ancient house,Not bad。”
Looking at the ancient clouds jogging,Longxing’s mouth has a touch of faint smile,When you wavy。
“Small month,Early。”
Gu Yun naturally also saw Longxing Yue,Especially her cheongsam dress,Elite the rich body,Can’t be lit by your eyes。
Longxing moon is not reduced,Flexible,“A cloud,Don’t ran again,Breakfast is ready。”
“knew,I ran three laps again.。”Ancient cloud smiles,Continue to jog。
After a moment,He returned to his room,Replace,Soon with Longxing Yue。
“Let’s eat,This is your favorite pastries and strawberries。”
Longxing Yue put a pastry for ancient cloud,At the same time, deliberately revealing a fault expression,Founger,“A cloud,In fact, I have long known your heart.,But do you know why I have not promised you??”
Ancient cloud,Demonstrate,“Why?”
about this point,He is also quite curious。
Longxing month age is bigger than him,Widow,Ancient cloud does not think that he can’t help him.。
on the contrary,In his opinion,Longxing Yueship has a big cheap。
to be honest,Both people know what is going on,But it is the exchange of interest,But Long Xingyue is late without confirmation of this relationship.。
“A cloud,Identity status,I can’t compare you.。”Longxing moon,“And I am still a widow,Thanks to you four years old,No matter what aspect,I can’t see my own advantages.,A cloud,I am very afraid of injury.。”
“Small month,Don’t worry。”
Heard it,Ancient cloud has a kind of feeling of fluttering,But still,“Your shortcomings are for me.,But it is all advantages,http://www.333ct.cnYou must not say this later.,Otherwise I will be sad。”
Longxing moon eyes bright,“You are not lie to me.?”
“of course not。”
Touching a touched between the look of Longxing Yue,Light bite a thin lips,What is hesitant?,After a moment,What is her determination?。
“Well,Waiting for this matter,If my family can spend safely,I will tell my family.,That is, I have to marry you.。”
Ancient clouds,Relaxed。
“What is safe enough??Small month,Your family is an accident?”
“fine,I am casually talking.。”
Longxing moon shook his head,It is a look that is still in the style.。
“Small month,Don’t lie to me,What is in the end??”
“Really nothing,It is some small things in business.。”Longxing Yue is firmly shaking his head,Immediately laughed,“Hurry,Waiting for eating,I will take you to see my father.。”
See him,Ancient clouds are not good to continue,However, the words of Longxing Yue have evoked the curiosity。