“The power of the entire Hong Kong Island?Ha ha!”Lu Menglin shook his head。

The Jade Prince laughed:“Not bad,Is the power of the entire Hong Kong Island!In this building,I arranged hundreds of gunmen,Even on the street,There are these two peerless masters sitting next to me,Today you can’t fly with your wings!”The Jade Prince smiled conceitedly。
“Ok,Very good lineup。Just now Jiang Qizhi said,You have controlled the entire Hong Kong Island,I didn’t believe it。but,In such a short time,You can mobilize so much power,It seems that the difference is not far。”Lu Menglin replied calmly。
“Ok,It seems you are very smart。I like to deal with smart people。Since you didn’t kill Jiang Qizhi,I just want to surrender to me?Although I may not accept,But you can also listen to your hole cards。”The Jade Prince laughed loudly。
“My trump card?I’m afraid you can’t take it!”Lu Menglin said lightly。
“Haha!This is really the funniest joke I’ve heard this year!Do you say?”The Jade Prince said with a belly laugh。
He smiled,The people standing behind him also laughed。
It’s just someone smiling brightly,Some people just smile reluctantly。
“Actually you don’t even know!You think you are great,Very good at fighting right?Even those two soldiers couldn’t kill you,You want to take back what belongs to you with strength?”
The jade prince said with a smile,Suddenly beckoned to Jiang Qi,Harmony:“Jiang Qizhi,What are you doing?Come here soon?”
Jiang Qizhi hesitated for a moment,Even if Lu Menglin is bold enough,I won’t act in front of so many heavyweights,So he walked to the Jade Prince in three steps and two steps。
“waste!”The jade prince slapped backhand,Drew Jiang Qizhi into place and turned half a circle,Covering your mouth,Look at a loss。
“For you this trash,Wasted so many people’s time!Shouldn’t you fight?Look at your virtue,It’s far worse than Lu’s!Lu is back now,Why should i use you?”