Add the seal of the city lord and the evil star dragon,They are equivalent to having the complete clues of the four pieces of ancient lamp jade!

Gather four,Can wake up Li Yunzi……
but,It didn’t take long to be happy,I wish Minglang’s thoughts slowly return to reality。
Fiend Dragon……
A creature with a high probability of being a dragon king。
Take that piece of ancient lantern jade from its tail,Doesn’t seem to be an easy task!!
This is how to do!
God ancient lamp jade is right in front of you,But can’t get。
Zhu Minglang rubbed his temples。
If it’s too hard,Can only outsmart。
But since the evil star dragon is a variant of the dragon,Its wisdom should not be low,There is no perfect plan,Basically it is to die。
The evil star dragon is combing the fluff like dark star grass,When head down,I happened to see my tail wrapped around the rock,There is light shining at the end。
this moment,The eyes of the evil star dragon suddenly became awe-inspiring,It scans these floating cliffs,Like looking for something。
I wish Minglang’s heart throbbed。