Although the Knives Special Team was ambushed,Only suffered a heavy loss,But this doesn’t mean that Stinger is inferior to Blades。

From the analysis of the highest command center,Stinger team belongs to the most cutting-edge special forces。
They can’t be eliminated by using people to pile them up。
“Chief No. 3 has only one sentence to tell everyone,Commit me to China,Although it is far away。”
“No matter who,Just do something harmful to the people on our land,Must be eliminated。”
Wang Lei said in a deep voice,Serious face。
“Guarantee to complete the task,”All the team captains got up and said。
As for the task information,Will be sent to their bracelet terminal。
“Prepare separately,Ready to go in ten minutes,”Flying wolf commands。
Qin Hao out of the meeting room,I saw Wang Santong and others waiting outside,Don’t know what to tell them。
Because Wang Santong,Li Chao,The three people in Qiuku were once members of the Blade Special Team。
Witnessed his comrade-in-arms death under the gun of a stinger mercenary,This has become a hurdle in their hearts that will never pass。
If he chooses to tell them the truth,It’s hard to imagine how intense their reaction will be。