But the person inheritors also needs to meet the conditions.。

That is what thinking is not imprisoned.——This is where they have enlisted countless years.,One conclusion。
“Everyone says that can be enlightened in the http://www.tai-cang.cn summer.?”
A female in a gray dress can’t help open the opening。
Everyone shook her head。
“I was in the star of the star.,It is the most excellent,Three runes also,After coming back, it created a set of missionaries.,Take a spring sword,I think the summer is more than three.。”
Just finished,Female laughter,“Don’t laugh at me,I am just a weapon of the sea that year.,Under accidental,But it is only a little understanding,To say……For so many years,I am not going,too difficult。”
“Yes,too http://www.eiviy.cn difficult,After each handprint is launched,Can evolve three hundred……This kind of fairy is not understandable by our realm.。”
“……”Everyone shook his head sigh。
They are not optimistic about summer。
Up to them like them,Bramble all the runes,Slowly enlightenment。
Until those rhouks begin to dissipate……that time,It is necessary to find someone inheritance.。
if it’s possible,No one is willing to pass this kind of immortal to others。
谪 谪 is also a person,There are also seven emotions,Also have a selfishness。
But if it is not a biography,I can only look at it.。
The field is gradually quiet,Everyone has no interest in talking.。
Jossured the small half column,Summer light curtain,Suddenly slowly。
After a few interest,Fluctuate,Be broken。
Bamboo!A light is concentrated in the summer。
Everyone is not http://www.54piano.cn anxious to open,But it is tense。
They have experienced this kind of experience,Naturally aware of it,I don’t dare to disturb。
At this moment,Summer end sitting on the cloud bed,not moving at all。
No breathing,Heart stop,Poker face,Double-eyed,Silent。
Just like a dead person,It’s a long time to die.。
I have been a dozen interests,suddenly,He is close to the eyes,The eyelids are slightly fused two times。
Spin,Suddenly open。
Open your eyes,This pair has an endless vicissitudes in this eye.。
The eyes are like,It’s like countless years of crazy lapse.。
It is more like a long time.。