Decade "White River": Exploring Wine "open brand"

White River winemaking scene.

Xu Qin Kang liquor intake want to create an "open brand" In fact, "workshop meeting" is just one of White River "opening up" approach, in production, product pricing, brand strategy, business strategy and other key sectors, companies are in the "transparency."

  November 9th, Tao Shiquan made a personal video broadcast for the first time.

He followed anchor random video into the streets of Chongqing, restaurants, food stalls, in the absence of demonstrating identity, pouring, held microphone, asking consumers are drinking real view of the river white product, listen to the most authentic voice . When asked: "This took to the streets and has just been published a decade ago when the white river to what is different, and some evaluation is very sharp.

", The Tao Shiquan admits:" Well now better known. Normal sharp comments, our own is to listen with an open mind the most authentic voice.

The street mining, we collected hundreds of the pertinent recommendations, these recommendations will be used to improve the follow-up product development.

"Tao Shiquan said Jiang’s white are so many products through the" born to create "way.

In fact, a number of criticisms of live video, also collected the day of the conference, a number of initiatives to bring to an open form to accept user suggestions. It is understood that the reason why the user can quickly fall into product recommendations, thanks to White River in 10 years, in Jiangjin Baisha built up a wine the whole industry chain. This "chain", including an industrial park acres of sorghum, a nearly acres of sorghum brewing base, as well as four national wine judges led the technical team nearly a hundred people, from the production of sorghum planting, to wine, to product development, packaging design, distribution, strung secondary and tertiary industries, companies will market the initiative firmly in their hands.

  "We want to be a fully transparent of foreign brands, even the company’s revenue, tax data can all be announced." Tao Shiquan representation.

  It is worth mentioning that the white farm layout Jiang Jiang white earth art museum, garden snail, grains B & B, country canteens, white greenhouse, Futsal soccer fields, basketball courts and other facilities round the building, sorghum and canola Daejeon landscape, vegetable and fruit plantations and other rural projects. Upon completion and opening next year, these will be the first users of the river white open.

  Users will be able at any time to narrow the distance between tucao problem with consumers, better listen to the user’s voice, on the day of the conference, an official in the White River on the product line, "Tucao" function, and announced the start of the scene "really Tucao "campaign, the" expression bottle "into a" Tucao bottle ", white River commitment: as long as the true evaluation of real users, good or bad the whole collection.