Gao Hao’s face is extremely ugly,Then he made a decision that he didn’t know right or wrong。

Then he walked into the car without looking back,He doesn’t want to be related to such an economic debt,Especially Qin Feng is still involved in this matter。
He is also very aware that he may cause some very bad consequences this time,But he has too many choices。
“Haha。”Qin Feng laughed happily,Because he knows everything is settled。
A person’s mind determines his future,If there are many people who will work for Gao Hao in the future,That’s because there are too many unhearted guys。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter VIII Mortal determination
But most people are still sober,Because those guys know a situation well,Follow a guy with no conscience,There is nothing that might benefit,It may even cause myself to be planted together。
In this situation,Who will follow Gao Hao desperately?
“Gao Shao……you……”The driver also cried and shouted,He doesn’t know what to do,But he knew he couldn’t fight Gao Hao。
Gao Hao has no face to answer,All he can do is leave here quickly。
When Gao Hao left,Qin Feng looked at the driver in front of him with compassion.,He looked at the driver with some regret and said:“Ugh,Do you know what’s wrong?”
“Know wrong,Please let me go,I won’t mix with that beast again。”The driver really wants a chance to reform。
Qin Feng is not the kind of unreasonable person,So he said very intimately:“Now that you have realized the mistake,I’m not unreasonable,I save you a hundred yuan,If you reduce the compensation by 100 yuan then。”
“Holding grass……”This is the thought of everyone in a moment,They really don’t understand Qin Feng。
This difference of hundreds of thousands saves one hundred yuan,Do you have eggs??
When Qin Feng spoke seriously,Many people thought that Qin Feng would lavishly waive all expenses,The contrast is a bit big。