The fourth set of destruction swords,Then‘slow’,Slow speed,But can kill fast!

Thirteenth set of swordsmanship,So gorgeous and beautiful,The blood of killing is so beautiful。
Fourteenth set of swordsmanship,Ugly and pathetic,but‘ugly’Without sacrificing swordsmanship。
The thirty-sixth set of destruction swordsmanship,It was full of life when it was first displayed,The vigorous swordsmanship is like the world,It wasn’t until the last ten swords that the ruinous side was revealed,Actually interpret the destruction of heaven like this。
Eighty-fifth set of swordsmanship,Swordsmanship is interpretation‘ruthless’,Destroy to the extreme。
The 103rd set of destruction swordsmanship,Destruction not only kills the flesh,More able to destroy the soul,Even Li Ming thinks that this sword is closer to mind strength or mind secret technique。
A set of swordsmanship,Li Ming also understood destruction from different angles。
One year,Exactly 108 sets of swordsmanship drills are over。
And these swordsmanship were completely remembered by Li Ming。
And at the moment of mastering 108 sets of swordsmanship,The floating shadow opposite Li Ming exploded suddenly,At the same time, a great will fills the whole space。
“Destroy Heaven?”
Very intuitive、Very magnificent、Very mysterious!
It’s like writing Destroy Heaven clearly in front of you。