And Li Ming’s team,Those four true gods are all strong men of the human race,Li Ming doesn’t want them to take risks,Instead, directly use the secret method of the clone talent,Exploring the dark places as usual。

Just his strength,Even able to use the power of the world beast,Make him easily detect。
This probe,He also roughly understands the strength of the world beast。
Now in the dark place,There are less than a million world beasts,But most of them are second-order world beasts。
Very few are Tier 3 world beasts,Tier 4 world beasts are even rarer。
Tier 5 Beast,No more than ten heads in total。
On one-to-one,Li Ming can kill any of them,Even the ten Tier 5 world beasts teaming up are not his opponents。
But if the world beasts form an army and join forces,Li Ming is not sure。
“But you have to fight anyway!”Li Ming’s eyes are cold,of course,Necessary insurance。
Li Ming’s eyes flashed,I saw a world beast with a rank 2 strength,“The decision is you,Lucky or unfortunate world beast。”
Chapter Thirty Kingdom Transformation
Three teams of exploration returned to the universe,Call the cosmic sea powerhouse,When discussing against the world beast catastrophe,Li Ming’s deity quietly left the periphery of the Purple Moon Holy Land,Only leaving the Demon Killer clone carrying the Demon Pillar to suppress the space。。
“call~”The sweat of the ancestor of the purple moon。
In his realm,Of course I don’t sweat under normal circumstances,But this is really scary。
His small universe,Now there are only less than four light years left。
For a true god of the void,A small universe of this size,It already represents that this small universe is weak to the extreme,