Liu Ying calmed down slowly,She sighed and said:“I’m fried with salted radish and egg,Don’t take it to your heart”

“Nothing,It is my fault,You reminded。I’m really taking medicine during this time,It’s just that Mr. Hu’s room isn’t burning and it’s too cold”Wang Youcai still found an excuse。
Liu Ying smiled and said:“This is also a matter?Find a stove in a while,To make her a fire。Of course,You want to sleep together,Even if I didn’t say anything just now”
“Find a stove,Light the fire。Make braised noodles at noon,You’re busy!remember。Can’t fight with her anymore。She has a limited time here,Which is three to five days”Wang Youcai finished,Got up and left。
Wang Youcai returned to the office,Found that Feng Yan was still angry。This woman is so careful,Wang Youcai had to coax her a few words,Feng Yan gradually stopped being angry,The two started talking and laughing again。
First2256chapter Fierce woman
Xia Jian and Ali came out of the police station,He thought Luo would pick them up later,As a result, there is no shadow of Luo Yi at all。Not only Xia Jian was surprised,Even Ali feels puzzled。
The two of them stopped a car on the side of the road,It was already more than twelve o’clock when I returned to the villa。Ali said embarrassedly:“All my troubles,Almost caused a disaster”
“What should come is always coming,I can’t blame you for this”Even though Xia Jian said so,But he knew,The other party just cleared Ali,Only found him。He doesn’t believe any bullshit Xie Kun said,What he arrivesGZHis people are watching。
Luo Yi did not show up,Ali’s heart is obviously frustrated。She was a little disappointed and said to Xia Jian:“Go upstairs and take a good hot bath,And then wake up naturally,I won’t disturb you tomorrow”
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Turned around。Ali is right,I sweated a lot just now,He should wash well。
Rich people’s lives are different,Each bathroom has a bathtub。Xia Jian first filled up a tank of hot water,Then got in。