First change color。

One of the glass,Original dark black,Azure,In this blue sky,A few clouds。
Take a look,Just like a blue sky。
Stars inlaid in the wine in the wine,Divided into two parts,Not a floating,Part of the sink,Slowly gather together。
at the same time,Another glass of wine is the same。
Unlike,The wine inside does not become a blue color,But it is like a night that is like the night.。
The wonderful scene has appeared。
All the stars are all gathered,Then fused,at last……forming。
Two cups,Get four different forms。
First cup,The top is the blue sky。
Under the sky,It’s like a mini Dragon.,As if it is perfused,Slowly swim in the blue sky。
Every turn,Will scream like a white cloud。
not only that,Medium and low in the cup,Then condense into a mini bird,Open wings,Dancing in the sky。
The second cup of wine is simple。
Wine glass is top,Occasionally flicker a few stars,Stimbing the night starry sky。
In it,Is a round of moon-shaped hung,Automatically slow moving。
Similarly in the medium and low,Is a similar insect shape,In extremely slow flying。
Unlike,This insect will shine,The rays sent and the color of the moon is exactly the same.。
“this is……world!Real world!”
Sudden,The money that always pays attention to the image, suddenly,As if I have seen any incredible things,The face has increased to the extreme。
He is so,Master, who loves to live, Guo Mie。
“Everything……The legendary people have actually appeared.,Be no legend……Hahaha。”
No one cares about their disappearance,All dead, stare at the two wine glasses。
Looking at the mini Dragon of the tour,Looking at the bird of flying。
Looking at the moon of the Dongsheng West,Looking at the shiny insect。
they……They all seem to have life。
“good,Master Guo said it is good.,The world is also called everything。More than these forms,Instead, the form of anything in the world,Can show。”
The total face is full of shock,I don’t know if I am talking about it or explains others.,Also。“The reason why the cup star is called a false world.,It is because one can only taste forty-nine flavors.,And this cup of world……It is the taste of the life and sweet and salty life.。They only exist in the theory of the five legendary giving masters.,Until them go,nor
Really completed。”
Toned,He finally calm down,Looking at the four forms in two glasses,Suddenly said a word means a deep long。
“Dragon,Bird bird,Moon,Firefly,hehe,This reminds me of a promise.,The bird bird does not fly in front of the dragon.,Fireflies do not glow below the moon。”
Birds don’t fly in front of the dragon。
Fireflies do not glow below the moon。
It is completely unconscious。All people brush to see one direction。
Everyone is stunned。
The previous dragon flying before.……I have gone.。
Everyone suddenly looked at each other,Everything is complex into the eyes of each other。