Decline violations violation of discipline of 24.068 million yuan

This newspaper reporter learned from the Yunyan District that since the inspection work, the area has always adheres to political inspection positioning, accurately implementing political inspection requirements, and standardizing the construction as a starting point, measures and high standard strict requirements to carry out patrol work, continue Promote high quality of inspection work.

In terms of sticking to political inspection, Yunyan District is based on the five-year planning of the insight. It is planned to plan, and scientifically formulate a routine inspection work program, adhere to the problem-oriented, ensuring that the target is focused, and the medium-term reporting is taken. The progress is achieved, and the problem is promptly resolved; in terms of standard workflow, the region combines the "CPC Yunyan District Committee Tour Operation Operation Process Manual", and standardizes the various steps of all aspects of the patrol, through "full training In the group, the training of the patrol cadres will be a number in the heart; in accordance with the law according to law, the area will work in accordance with the party regulations and inspection inspection of the party regulations and inspections, and adhere to the truth from facts. Solid, support material, the management process is strict, and the management process is strictly implemented, implemented in the bottom of the inspection report; in terms of strengthening work and protection, in order to ensure the smooth development of the inspection work, Yunyan District measures will be fully guaranteed from human, financial and material. Tour is carried out. Up to now, Yunyan District has launched a nine-round patrol, and 46 patrol groups have sent a political inspection on the party organizations and 178 villages (communities) party organizations, coverage of 94 districts, and the coverage rate of 100%; 345, 162 cases, 113 people in the party, transfer 12 people to transfer 12 people, and the violation of the violation of the laws and disciplines.

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