“I don’t want to,Isn’t it an emotion? Isn’t it allowed?,You always touch me again and again,I swear if I were a woman, I would marry you。”Yan Ziqiang looked at Qin Feng with admiration,That’s like a little fan girl。

“Ah puff,Can you not disgust me?”Qin Feng shivered suddenly,I feel cold sweat on my back。
“Where is Zhencheng Pharmaceutical Company?”Yan Ziqiang looked at the prescription Qin Feng gave him,The six characters of Zhencheng Pharmaceutical Company are impressively written。
“amount,How did you know?”Qin Feng didn’t remember that he just mentioned these words,So how did he know?
“what,I know,Can’t tell this,I’ll go to this pharmaceutical company to buy medicine in a while。”Talking?Yan Ziqiang thinks he is smart,Also made a hush gesture。
“fart,I asked how you knew?”Qin Feng doesn’t think anyone has leaked the wind,Because this matter was just settled with Mr. Zhen。
“Did you use the paper I just wrote on?”Old Zhen asked。
“Yes,Isn’t it written on the back?,Zhencheng Pharmaceutical Company!”Yan Ziqiang showed it to Qin Feng。
“What i said,Zhencheng Pharmaceutical Company is the new company we will establish。”This is not something to be seen,So Qin Feng is naturally not afraid of being known,Instead, the more people know the better,So Qin Feng doesn’t mind telling him。
“medical company?Sounds so tall,That means I can go to Zhencheng Pharmaceutical Company after buying medicine?”do not know why,He was so excited when he started a company。
“Not so fast,There is still trouble inside
Need to apply!”Qin Feng felt nothing before,But you know when you get started,Practice is far more difficult than imagined。
“Big brother,What can i help,Despite opening,I don’t think I’ve been doing business in this place for more than ten years,I’m an old man in experience,The contacts are also OK。”Yan Ziqiang volunteered and said。
“to be frank,I’m really inferior to you in this respect,Look like this,Can you recommend me a marketing manager,I’m really bad at this thing。”Qin Feng looked at Yan Ziqiang’s sincere appearance and he was not polite to him。
In fact, Qin Feng only needs to think,It’s really hard to trouble him,But Qin Feng doesn’t even want shares and legal persons,I just don’t want to be bound by a company,That’s why he wanted to be a hand-scraper。
(End of this chapter)