“They’ve been jumping in here,Has been inserted four or five times,I can’t stand it, just say them。I didn’t expect them to dare to hit people”The little girl said loudly,Tears came out。I just came out of school,Don’t know much about the world。

“Yo ha!I just hit me?so many people,Others don’t speak,Is your mouth long??”The yellow hair who scolded Xia Jian just now is long and thin,Reaching out again,Ready to hit the little girl in a mouth。
How can Xia Jian allow him to be presumptuous this time,I saw his right hand grabbed it like lightning,Grabbed this yellow hair’s wrist。A little harder,He twisted the yellow hair’s arm behind his back。Then lift a foot,Huang Mao rushed forward four or five steps away,One is not standing,I fell a dog to eat shit。
Another yellow hair suddenly jumped up from the other side,Want to hug Xia Jian,Then threw Xia Jian to the ground。But he underestimated Xia Jian’s ability。
Although Xia Jian didn’t look at him,Then he slammed his left fist out,The punch hit Huang Mao’s nose。This guy yelled,So he hugged his nose and squatted on the ground。The blood came out from his hands。
The crowd in the line screamed,Actually everyone is secretly happy。Because these two people are really crazy,Put everyone in the eyes。
“What do you do!Did you dare to hit someone here??”Two men in security uniforms,Everyone rushed out with a baton in their hands。
These two security guards,Encircled Xia Jian without asking indiscriminately。One of them still wants to play with Xia, looking at the posture。Such a situation will undoubtedly make Xia Jian even more angry。
He shouted angrily:“Do you have eyes,The two of them jumped here indiscriminately,Beat this little girl”
“We did not see,I only saw you hit people。Hurry and follow us to the security room,Otherwise this matter is not over”Which of the chubby security guards has a beer belly,Said fiercely。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“You put on this skin,This is how the security is done?I can tell you,Dare you,Then don’t blame me for being impolite”
“All security personnel heard,Please go to hall one,There is trouble here”The fat security guard heard Xia Jian say this,He simply turned on the intercom,Shouted loudly inside。
Xia Jian saw that the trouble was coming,He quickly took out his cell phone and called Fang Fang,He said loudly as soon as the phone was connected:“I ran into trouble in the ticket hall of the coach station”Xia Jian’s voice just fell。More than a dozen men in security uniforms emerged from the hall。
In the hands of each of them,I took all plastic rods。These people come,The fat man raised his baton and shouted:“This guy is making trouble here,Everyone, don’t be polite to him”