“Ok!You guessed it right,I am a foreigner,Just lived in Bucheon for many years,I see myself as a native of Bucheon”Wang Lan’s answer is an understatement,Didn’t tell Xia Jian,Where is she from。

Two people gossiping,The car accidentally drove into Bucheon,Don’t wait for Wang Lan to ask him in advance,Xia Jian rushed to say:“Please put me in the front intersection,Thank you sister Wang”
“Where do you live,Or I will send you home?”Sister Wang is very polite。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“no need,I still want to go shopping outside before going back”Xia Jian rejected Wang Lan’s kindness。Wang Lan smiled slightly,Parked the car on the side of the road。Xia Jian said hello to her,Got out of the car。This Wang Lan is always a mystery in Xia Jian’s heart,He always thinks this woman is not easy。
Xia Jiangang got off,The phone rang。He took out a look,Fang Fang called。Xia Jian quickly connected。Fang Fang on the phone said with a smile:“Come to Minglongxuan for tea,I wait for you”
First1820chapter plot
? Inside a private room in a four-star hotel in Pingdu,Hu Huiru shook the wine glass in her hand with an unhappy expression。Wang Youcai, who sits opposite, lowers his head。obviously,Something unpleasant just happened between them。
“I always feel,Your Wang Youcai is a great person,So I leave a lot of opportunities to you,But look for yourself。Two recent things,Let you do it”Hu Huiru couldn’t help taking a breath and said。
Wang Youcai raised his head and said:“Lu Monkey said he knew Brother Long in Buchuan,So I let him go,I didn’t expect this Long brother to lose now”
“Nonsense,Did Brother Long fail? Does he know now??”Hu Huiru did not save Wang Youcai’s face,Asked coldly。
Wang Youcai sighed and said:“He went in for a while,Just came out a few months ago。So many things outside have changed,He doesn’t necessarily know”
“Humph!Still a person with a criminal record,I can tell you,Such a person is unreliable,Very easy。I think you also understand the truth,So I advise you to stay away from this kind of people before”Hu Huiru snorted coldly。
Wang Youcai took a look at Hu Huiru,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“President Hu!Although Monkey Lu did not succeed this time,But I guess,Xia Jian was also very scared,After he comes back, he will definitely converge a lot on many things,If you don’t believe it, let’s just wait”
“Humph!Don’t give him any fear,I really don’t know that Lord Ma has three eyes。But listen to me,This matter must not be spread,If you miss the wind,I will never let you go”When Hu Huiru said this,,There was a rare ferocious look on his face。
Wang Youcai took a look,Hurriedly nodded and said:“I know Mr. Hu,This will never be spread out。Although Monkey Lu is unstable,,But he knows this one better than anyone else”
“it is good!End here today,I’m a little sleepy,Gotta go first”Hu Huiru said,Chong Wang Youcai smiled slightly。
Wang Youcai listened,Said hurriedly:“President Hu!There is a good thing I want to talk to you。After you listen to this,100% interested”
“Stop selling,Just say anything!”Hu Huiru had already stood up,When she heard that Wang Youcai said,Sat back slowly again。
Wang Youcai coughed dryly and said:“Things are like this,look!Pingyang Town is currently developing well,But most of the investments are venture groups,Almost no other companies have penetrated。Are they really so awesome,I don’t see it,The key is to have Xia Jian deal with it”
“Do you have to tell me about this??You still talk about the point!Don’t bend me anymore”Hu Huiru frowned,Said a little unhappy。