First1824chapter Caught off guard

? Get angry,Xiao Xiao is still wholeheartedly good to Xia Jian。As soon as she returned to the yard,So I called Xi Zhen,Let her cancel the family visit,Send Xia Jian back to Pingdu。
Xia Jian is going back suddenly,Old Xiao looked very plain,But Sun Yuejuan is a little uneasy。She was a little surprised and asked Xia Jian:”Don’t you have half a month off?I’m going back in just a few days?“
”Something urgent in town,I must rush over“Xia Jian made it very simple,Because he knew,For these things,He said too much and it didn’t mean anything,Parents can’t help him after listening,It will cause trouble for parents。
Xia Zecheng said coldly:”Anyone can turn the earth away,You are not alone in Pingyang Town,Why are you going back so anxiously??“Xia Zecheng’s anger is not small,Xia Jian didn’t understand,Why did dad have such a bad temper。
Old Xiao, who has not spoken all the time, sighed and said:”Since Xia Jian thinks he must rush back,This shows that things are not small,Don’t be embarrassed by your children“
Old Xiao Yi speaks,Xia Zecheng didn’t speak anymore,But it can be seen,The old man is very upset。under these circumstances,Xia Jian can only pretend not to see it。
Eaten,Xia Jian was packing his things。Sun Yuejuan came in,She put the house key in Xia Jian’s pocket,Then said with tears:”I left a room for Zhao Hong in the west room。There is a portrait of her inside,Since you’re back,Then burn her some money,Put on the stick!“
”I know mom!Don’t be sad anymore。Xiao Chenchen is pretty naughty now,When taking him outside,Must not let him out of your sight,Otherwise, once lost,There is a lot of traffic in this place,It’s a bit troublesome to get it back“Xia Jian whispered to my mother。
Sun Yuejuan nodded and said:”No one at home now,You went back and there was no one who cooked for you。If it doesn’t work, go to Erniu’s house to eat,His mother and Mo Yan’s people are pretty good too“
Xia Jian nodded,Did not speak,He knew。His mother meant that Zhao Hong was gone,Xia Jianxian went home and didn’t even have a cook。
Mention it,Everyone is in a bad mood。Fortunately, Xi Zhen came quickly,Xia Jian got on the car as soon as he packed up and saluted。When getting in the car,Xia Jian turned around and told Xiao Xiao specifically:“Mom and Dad and Chenchen will leave it to you”
“Don’t worry!Come and see them when you’re done”Xiao Xiao finished,Turned away and left。Don’t think Xiao Xiao is usually a very arrogant girl,But she also has a tender side。
As soon as the car drove onto the highway,Xi Zhen let go。This way for her,Have run many times,So this car runs very fast。
“Not in a hurry,Just wait till night”Xia Jian quietly reminded Xi Zhen。Some things are too fast,Xia Jian understands this very well。Xi Zhen was originally on family leave,But Xiao Xiao called back,To say she has no opinion in her heart,That’s a lie。
Xi Zhen drove the car,Smiled and said:“Rest assured,Don’t you worry about my skills??”
“Your driving skills are ok,But cancelled your vacation,You should be in a bad mood!So you can’t drive a car with air, In this case,Not good for all of us”Xia Jian said,Laughed。
Xi Zhen snorted coldly:“I used to have such a small belly chicken intestine in your Xia’s heart,To blame…”