Beijing Yanqing: 2025 PM2.5 significantly achieved 25 micrograms of cubic meters

People’s Network Beijing December 10 (Yin Xingyun) reporter learned from the third party congress in Beijing Yanqing District, in recent years, Yanqing has achieved continuous improvement in ecological environment, and successfully created the first national ecological civilization construction demonstration area. The city’s first "green mountains is the Jinshan Yinshan" practice innovation base and the city’s first "China Natural Oxygen Bar", the first batch of the first batch of the city "" green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan "practice mode and typical case." In 2020, it became the only district of the top 6 atmospheric pollutants, and the water quality index was first in the city.

"As of the end of November, the average concentration of the average concentration in our district, the year-on-year declined, ranked first in the city.

"Xu Zicheng, Director, Director, Director, Director, Director of the Ecological Environment Bureau of Yanqing District. It is reported that the future Yanqing District will be positioned in the function of the ecological conservation area, and the decontamination of the carbon coordination is the total starting, to improve the quality of ecological environment as the core, with accurate treatment Structive, scientific pollution, polluting the pollution, and promoting the overall rumor of the ecology to create a "two mountain" transformation demonstration benchmark. "Yanqing will fully implement the green office, adhere to the ecological priority and resource saving, and continue to strengthen the zone Ecological protection and repair, pay attention, maintenance has been completed, and promote the comprehensive and continuous improvement of ecological environment. "Xu Zicheng said that Yanqing will strive to take the lead in achieving carbon peaks, carbon neutrics in Beijing; .

Yanqing will also carry out the ecosystem ecological total value (GEP) accounting work, and organize all relevant departments to raise the GEP value. Improve the ecological civilization system, implement the "two-line three district" and "three-line a single" space control, deepen the creation of national forest cities, strengthen biodiversity recovery and protection, and focus on establishing "two mountains" transformation implementation mechanism, speeding green development elements Gather. At the same time, strengthen the risk prevention and control of ecological environment. Environmental risk prevention and control bottom line thinking, improve environmental risk normally managed system, strengthen hazardous waste, nuclear and radiation environmental risk management, and improve environmental risk emergency capacity construction. Increase the well-being of the people. Strict construction of the project EIA examination and approval and supervision law enforcement, effectively responding and solving noise disturbances, odor disturbing people and light pollution issues, achieving "recesered" to transform the "unspecite to", constantly enhance the masses’ feelings and happiness of the people feel.

Improve modern environmental governance system.

It will establish and improve the ecological environment multiculturalism system of "party committee leaders, government leadership, corporate responsibilities, social organizations and public", including leadership responsibility, corporate responsibility, national action, environmental supervision, financial policy, governance market 6 system Realize the full-closed management system for the source prevention, process strict management, consequences, and damage compensation.

Practice "Beautiful China, I am actor" to enhance the civic ecological civilization awareness action plan, innovative ecological environment propaganda mode method, widely spread the ecological civilization concept, and build an ecological environment to control the national action system. "In the next five years, the Yanqing District will focus on the direction of focus, promote the growth of decontamination and blood circulation, promote the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, and achieve continuous improvement of the ecological environment, and it is more blue, and the mountain is more green. The beautiful Yanqing.

"Xu Zicheng said.

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