“In addition,In fact, the Ming Dynasty could not make such exquisite porcelain,This raised pattern,You may not see,But Huazai, touch it,Very strong sense of hierarchy,It should be during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty。

Porcelain in the Qianlong Period,Very high level of production technology、delicate、beautiful、All odds,Rare in the history of porcelain。”
Hua Zai touched the raised patterns,It’s like what Brother Hu said。
“This pair of blue glaze brush washes,The value is roughly around 600,000!”At last,Hu Yang gave an estimate,Amazed and envied the audience in the live broadcast room。
Time for morning tea,They made five to six hundred thousand,People are better than people,Really better than dead。
at this time,The number of viewers has exceeded 5,000。Just now,A viewer swiped a treasure chest,Can gun coins,So attracted a lot of people。
“Thank you brothers and sisters who brushed gifts,right now,Let’s go shopping together on Jade Street。jade,Belongs to the most common kind of treasure in jewelry,I guess many people have been in contact,Especially women。Then,How to avoid buying fakes?Chat with everyone later。”
Talking,Hu Yang left the teahouse with Huazi,Canary followed,Directly on Hu Yang’s shoulder。
The audience saw this scene,More envy,Marvel at the spirituality of that canary。
en route,Populus and they passed by a shop specializing in cages,I went in and picked a birdcage that looked pretty good,Let the canaries live in,It’s not a problem to always stand on your shoulders。
“Walk tens of meters,Just turn in。”Hu Yang told everyone。
at this time,Someone came over with a fan。Populus turned his head and took a look,Is a young man who is like handing out flyers,Skull tattoo on the back,Hua Zi was also stuffed with a fan by him。
“Free,Free!if possible,Can you complete a task for me?”That guy pleases。
Hu Yang frowned,Hua Zi opened his mouth,Want to say something。
“What task?”
It’s not that Populus can’t understand the hardships of these people,Standing on the street hair flyers waiting,Is a hard job,If it’s easy,Don’t mind helping me。
“Very simple!Our shop newly opened,You can experience a facial cleansing for free,My task is to get 20 guests,Help out!”
Hu Yang handed the small fan back:“Sorry,We are not free now!”