“Yes!But you don’t help me solve the problem”Xia Jian is not afraid,Still speaking loudly。

Chen Jiang gave Xia Jian a hand,Said coldly:“You have a personality Xia Jian,But don’t forget,You are an organized person”
“Therefore,I’ll talk to you patiently,Otherwise I can’t solve this problem this way。Thousands of acres of northeast pine logging will reach more than 300 acres,How much money can be allocated to Donglin Township?I think where did all this money go?”Xia Jian shouted loudly。
Logically,He is just a small township head,And Chen Jiang is the head of the city。What qualifications does he have to yell at others??
the reason is simple,Xia Jian just wanted to use this,Let out all the dissatisfaction in my heart。He wants Chen Jiang to know,They forced Secretary Wang to retreat,He won’t let go。
“Sit down and calm down,Let me call you to ask?”Chen Jiang’s tone gradually changed。
But Xia Jian did not give in,He looked at Chen Jiang and said:“No way,Just make a phone call and ask what’s the use?If you give us all the money that belongs to Donglin Township today,This thing is over,Otherwise I will go to the provincial capital immediately”
Chen Jiang saw that Xia Jian was so tough,Little beads of sweat ooze on his forehead。Did Xia Jian know the whereabouts of this money??This should be impossible。
How to do it?Chen Jiang knows that Xia Jian is a master,It’s really out of control if you make it hard。
First1950chapter Hide from the sky
Although the door of Chen Jiang’s office is tightly closed,But two people have such loud voices,I can still hear a little outside。Chen Jiang’s secretary is not calm anymore,He quickly invited Qin Xiaomin over。
“Chief Xia!What are you doing?Have something to say?Come come,Sit down and say”As soon as Qin Xiaomin came in,He took Xia Jian and sat on the sofa。
A look at Chen Jiang’s secretary,Then I closed the door of Chen Jiang’s office a little relieved。Chen Jiang saw that Qin Xiaomin was here,Then he laughed and said:“Deputy Mayor Qin!You judge,This is our very famous mayor Xia,In his eyes,Are there leaders like us??”
“How not,I have enough respect for each of your leaders”Xia Jian deliberately raised his neck,Grumble。
See Xia Jian,Qin Xiaomin wants to laugh。But on this occasion,She dare to do this。She had to sink her face and asked:“Chief Xia!What are you doing?Can you say it well,If you do,I don’t care”
“what’s up?You pretend。Harvesting of Northeast Pine in Donglin Township,Basically reached more than 300 mu,But which one belongs to Donglin Township,Can’t dial down,How to explain this?Do we still need to build our infrastructure?,Do you want to replant the new seedlings??”Xia Jian deliberately poured his anger on Qin Xiaomin。
Qin Xiaomin asked in surprise:“Mayor Chen,What the hell is going on。as far as I know,This is a catch-and-sell business,There is no debt。Why haven’t this money belonged to Donglin been given to them??This matter is a bit big”