“How many people did he bring??”

“Didn’t say this boss telegram。”
“When is it??”
“These don’t know,At that time the poisonous bee will contact me.。”
“The boss makes you meet him?”
“Do not,Just phone connector helps you agree to the joint location,The junction of the joint has been fixed,At that time the boss lets you see him with the identity of the god.。”
Wang Tianfeng served as a stationmaster in Shanghai Station,Rui Rui is still very satisfied with this decision.,First of all, Wang Tianfeng is a firm anti-Japanese person.,For his http://www.hns2.cn death plan, you will pay your life.,He is also a madman,But it is a crazy person in the sake of the country and the nation.,Herdly admire his。
Dead plan!The sacrifice of Wang Manli in the camouflage drama and the lens who planed her from the soil of the soil made the tears.,Wang Tianfeng sells the poisonous group for this plan,Leading only a game is alive。
Can you change this dead plan?,It is not only to succeed, do not lose so many excellent warriors.,Including Wang Tianfeng can’t die,Because they are elite,It is a huge loss in our country.。
Rui Rui lived in Zhuang Xiaoman,She is already her man.,I am always can’t affirm her.。
Discovery is very honest,I don’t touch myself.,Zhuang Xiaoman asked:“Nine brother,I am not beautiful??”
“No,You are beautiful,And very sexy charming。”
“Then how do I feel that you http://www.uc-mall.cn have a little interest in me??”
“Xiaoman,Nationality,Do not except for the family!Especially our current identity,Never be emotionally,Xiaoman,Please understand me.,We are to pay life to each other’s comrades.,I hope you are the same,Don’t be emotionally。”Ruriously said sadness,
Zhuang Xiaoman, of course, understand this truth,But people are emotional animals.,That will always be invincible,“Nine brother,But people really like you.。”
“Xiaoman,My current situation,I really can’t have a feeling of feelings.!And I have to face Qingshan Yamei every day.。”
“Qingshan Yamei is with you with you.?”
“Don’t you know that Ji Ji Yunzi moves into my house in order to monitor me??”
“Nine brother,You are not too wronged.!”
“Be played in the scene.,I have to do this.。”
“Nine brother,Ok, hurt you.!”Zhuang Xiaoman is holding a rude neck,I am a bite on his cheek.,
Zhuang Xiaoman is going to give himself rumored tonight.,Finally, it was a bit embarrassed by this nine brother.,He is responsible for the enemy camp,Woman who wants to accompany the enemy to sleep,Hey!It turns out that men also have sacrificed tones.。
NS282chapter Don’t let the Communist Party drill the empty
Zhuang Xiaoman is very early,Give a hearty breakfast,When I left, I took the road.:“Nine brother,Come next to me, I will give you a stewed chicken soup.,Take it easy!”
“OK,correct,Xiaoman,How’s business those days?”
“Quite good,There are a lot of business, many of the big flags of long pool Junuxiao.。”
“Xiaoman,Some strategic materials should be left as much as possible,Such as salt,sugar,food,Cotton,These things must be sold to patriotic businessmen。”
“I know。”
“I will come again for two days.!”
“Nine brother,Tired, come here.。”Zhuang Xiaoman means that don’t be hollowed out by the Japanese woman.。
“it is good!”Hurry and promise,
http://www.haahotel.cn Like the office, I called the phone.,Yesterday, I said that I was good with Fu Yingxue.,But I still worry that she will be angry.,In the phone, I didn’t hear her unhappy.。
Rui Rui stayed in the office for a while,Take Song Jian and Tang Rui went to the headquarters。