The first case of "two types of e-commerce" network illegal cases in Zhejiang Linhai

Original title: The first example of Linhai Investigation, "Second Class E-Commerce" network illegal case package is bought on hanging, the newly purchased watch is seen in Weibo … I believe many people have "two-class e-commerce" "The experience of shopping.

"Second Class E-Commerce" is also called direct e-commerce, generally displayed by graphic or video single product, the consumer click to enter the purchase page, the merchant delivery follow-up logistics, eventually sign the payment (refusal return) To form a shopping closed loop. Although it looks at the price, there are a lot of discounts, after receiving the goods, the problem has followed. Last year, the Linhai City Market Supervision Administration has focused on research and monitoring supervision of new types of e-commerce network operations such as "two-class e-commerce", find out its launch and display mode, parsing the "page front end code" – Synchronous Negotiation "Determines the illegal facts of advertisers (business merchants). Received the first example of Taizhou, "Second Class E-Commerce", the "Second Class E-Commerce". Not long ago, the bureau received a "second type e-commerce" complaint on Weibo.

According to the complaint, his parents saw a cashmere coat of advertisement pop-up, and the "cashmeral jacket" "Buy one sent a" "Seven Days No reason to return" and other advertisements were attracted, The low price "cashmere coat" is ordered.

After arriving, it is found that the real thing and product description are large. Not only does not so-called "buy one get one free", and the material of this product is a fleece (polyester fiber), not cashmere, and because of this "two-class e-commerce "There is no customer service platform, you can’t make a return refund operation, the phone contact business is also rejected. After receiving the complaint, law enforcement personnel will negotiate the page in the first time and find the parties.

After investigation, a trader of the parties placed commodity advertisements on a Internet advertising platform, selling cashmere (polyester fiber composition) goods, but in their merchandise sales page, the performance of goods, ingredients are misunderstandings In violation of the relevant provisions of the Advertising Law. According to the relevant law, the Linhai City Market Supervision Administration shall order the parties to stop illegal acts, and make a penalty for the administrative penalties for the illegal advertisements and price illegal activities released by the parties.

In this regard, the staff reminded that "two types of e-commerce" are different from the merchants on the professional e-commerce platform, although "cash on delivery" has canceled many consumers concerns, but most of the "two-class e-commerce" no search function And special customer service, consumers are difficult to conduct after-sales rights protection.

At the same time, pay attention to the saving evidence, when the rights of the rights are infringed, when negotiation with the merchant cannot reach the results of the results, please call 12345 to make a complaint, maintain legal rights. (Editor: Guo Yang, Zhang Liwei).