Seeing that the big and small leaders in the factory are almost breaking the threshold of the Lu family,Uncle’s family of three is also secretly surprised,I think the weather in Lu Youshan’s family is really different。

Especially after seeing Kim So Yeon,They all turned off,I don’t have the slightest desire to compare,This girl is so pretty,It’s just like the fairy in the painting,I heard it’s still Korean,Rich in family,This makes the uncle’s family of three feel ashamed。
Now they just wonder if they can develop with Lu’s family,Make big money,All those careful thoughts before have been suppressed。
now,In Lu’s small kitchen,Kim So-yeon and Lu’s mother stand side by side in front of the stove。
“Ok,This one.This thing is so delicious!”Kim So Yeon was shocked,Shouted in surprise。
Mother Lu’s proud,The more I look at this girl, the more I like it,Smiled:“Delicious!This is called lotus root clip,Easy to do。look。”
Talking,Mother Lu skillfully stuffed the meat foam in the basin into the holes in the lotus root slices,Then spread a layer evenly with flour,Thrown into the pan。
Wait until the lotus root folder is deep-fried until golden brown,Scoop it up with a colander and put it on the plate,It becomes a crispy and delicious dish。
“I’ll try!”Kim So-yeon is happily learning from her mother’s posture,Wiped out a lotus root clip,Thrown into the pot。
Nourish!The pan rang!
“My sister-in-law!You tap!Don’t splash oil,This delicate skin,I feel distressed when I look!”Mother Lu quickly blocked Jin Soyan with the lid,Look at this posture,He has almost regarded her as her own baby daughter-in-law。
“Yeah!It seems to be blown up!”Kim So Yeon still bravely stretched out her little hand,Use a colander to catch that piece of lotus root。
Sure enough!Kim So Yeon didn’t feel embarrassed to put this lotus root clip on the plate,Lu Menglin came in,“Can i help?”
“Can you help eat this piece?I fried it myself,Doesn’t seem to be done。”Kim So Yeon said timidly。
“OK!I like to eat lotus root!We all get this during the new year。You learned so soon?”Lu Menglin didn’t care,Reach out and squeeze it up and stuff it into your mouth。
“Be careful,You silly boy!”Mother Lu shouted anxiously。