In fact, on the first day of departure for the wedding party in Lingxiao City,The army of Lingxiao City entered the boundary of Zulong City State along the Zhixia Gorge!

Calculate time,At the same time when you signed the agreement,The surprise team of their Lingxiao city-state will be completely troubled,Integrate with the border army,Take down the four cities west of Zulong City State in one fell swoop!
They didn’t plan to negotiate a peace from the beginning!
Just take the four cities in the west,Want them to be the head of the Li family,Li Ying has to give,Besides, it is a notorious Li Yunzi?
but,Yang Xiu couldn’t think of it anyway,The heads of all the generals of this surprise team will appear in this hall!
“Commander Cheng,this is……”Li Ying doesn’t recognize these heads,Puzzled。
“Patriarch,This excellent team of High Peak City takes advantage of our attention while discussing peace matters,Sneaked into our territory from Zhixia,Intend to break through our border defense,But was captured by our guard。”Commander Cheng reports。
“What military guard?”Li Ying asked。
“Are those subordinates of the female monarch,The subordinates transferred them from each camp,And in accordance with Li Yunzi’s instructions,Search for those valleys that might sneak into the enemy……Subsequently,We found this assault army of Lingxiao City,And shot them all in the canyon。”Commander Cheng said。
“Female King Military Guard!!”Yang Xiu couldn’t help but exhale,The whole person is like being hit by a thunderbolt,Sit down on the ground。
Everyone in the Li family in the hall was also shocked in a cold sweat at this time。
The Lingxiao city-state has already had troops intruded in???
Just when they are still hanging out,When I think Lingxiao City-state is sincere and sincere with them,They have sent troops to conquer four cities in the west??
What ceded four cities。