But you should think about it.,Zhou Guo wants to form a core similar to Yuwu,How many years?

How many times can this make for us??If you don’t enter,,We also need to change self-improvement。It is now running with time。”
Gao Bao,Gao Yang low silence,A long time later,Just lift your head,I took a shot of Gao Baoyi’s shoulder:“You are not in the city,I always feel that the government can’t make the arm,Now finally know the reason.。
You are gone.,I am like a leg.,Total feels uncomfortable。What is difficult to hand over to you?。
Ugh,I really want to take you back to Yucheng this time.,I am worried that my little can’t bear to mess up.。”
This is basically the highest evaluation of the courtes.,Gao Bo Yi quickly gave a high ocean,Both people have a few cups。
“One of the most proud of,It is from the micro-cold promotion.。
What do you want to do?,Continue to do it right,How do you want to go back??”
Gao Yang is somewhat curious,Gao Biyi goes away,How to explain it with the people around the North??
“His Majesty,Minachen decided to turn it through,Qiao, remember, rewind Changan,Specific words,Your Majesty is pleased to have confidence in Minister.。”
“Your words are naturally assured.。Since the spring of spring this year,I feel that I am very energetic.。You complete the task of Zhouku,Come back early。
朕 军 军 改,I have to rely on you to host。
http://www.mydmould.cn correct,I am fortunate to be fortunate this year.,No more。But from the residence, I said that I was in the same room with the queen.,She is still six.。Once in charge,Be saver too much。
Do you say that the palace is not a flow of 嫪毐 私 私?”
Gao Yang said after this,Just look at Gao Baoyi,That kind is full of exploration。
“His Majesty,Woman and woman,Different,This is like the rich and barren of land.,It is difficult to distinguish from appearance。But actually is a Tianyuan。”
Gao Boyi presses the tension in the heart,Looked a high ocean,I saw the other party slightly:“Jiuhe said,I think so too.。”
“His Majesty,Queen has already given a female two son,This is the physical fitness of Yiheng children。Your Majesty is slightly cultivated,Have a harvest。”
“Jiuhe explanation。It’s just that the queen she has already http://www.juzishuxia.cn gone.。
He shouldn’t be a session??”
Ho’s almost asked。
“His Majesty,Queen is absolutely loyal to you。but,Minister heard some rumors about the bad。
Because the micro-mini and Duan Xiao are unable to,So these micro-ministers have never said。
But today and ask,Minishen is going to leave,So please forgive the unreasonable minister。”
Gao Yang is instantly coming。
He said quietly:“Jiuze, you may wish to speak,Our Junchen absolutely trust”
“Segment,It seems that I used to talk to Tang Yan.,Affection。Just become a pechemum,Just barely contacted the other party,It is said that the paragraph is in the past.,Not marry。
Strictly said,Your Majesty, you seize the knife.。”
“Gao Baoyi,You want to ask for a woman,He has a homage to win this kind of saying is not a woman,I want,That is also the closure of your dog.”
Gao Yang instantly violent,I want to hit him with Gao Baoyi collar.。
“If the minister,Why do you have so excited??Does Minister say that,Your Majesty,It should be the bottom.?”
Gao Bao said to the high ocean.。
He sees the face of a high ocean,Gaining the velocity visible in the naked eye。
“Nine,Tang Yu is Zhongchen,I’m not moving.。But what you said,But it is ear to my ear.。
Emperor,It also can’t do what you want.。”
Higher words have deep sorrows。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS439chapter Good big pot
Gao Baoyi and high school two people put the wine in a small prisoner,How to see how people feel awkward,But maybe the ocean has his own unique outlook on life and aesthetics.。