“Big brother,You spare me.,I still don’t want to die.,And if you don’t go out again,The brother of that young man is coming.,He is in two classes of youth every day.。”

“Hey-hey,You feel that I will be afraid of him.?”
Li Hui also feels the same.,However, Lingshi This thing is in the earth, he feels can be encountered.。
So even if there is a piece of him wants to dig。
As for what brother, he is not more concerned.。
Anyway, it has already begun to kill one.,He doesn’t mind killing the second。
“no,no,How can you be so afraid?,I just remind you.,After all, their power behind them is quite big.,And it seems http://www.ds-system.cn quite rich。”
“You don’t have to manage these,As long as you don’t want to die, I will drag the people above the top.,Of course, you want to die, I don’t stop you.,After all, those snakes will be dispatched again.。”
Li Hui said this,It is also looking for it in the cave.。
And he didn’t know, just in the moment he killed his youth.,There is a small palace on a island in a not far away.,A jade card on the hall is broken.。
See the broken fragmentation,Directly let people on the island are dispatched。
“Who killed my brother??”
Li Hui also feels almost the same.,There is still a bigger inside,However, he can obviously feel that the bigger is the maintenance of things.,In case, he may be really alive.。
Just when he was prepared with security captain.,But I heard a sound of irrevocation.。
Chapter 1229 did not http://www.yangyangsao.cn find
Heard this sound,The security captain is also scared.。
And Li Hui is directly carrying each other.。
Let Li Hui have some unexpectedly,This time is more than one,Five。
Five people are masters,This is the first feeling of Li Hui Feng.。
One battle five people,His heart is also feeling that there is no bottom。
But thinking that the youth that has been eaten by the snake,I can’t break his body mask,He didn’t feel a few people, it can threaten him.。
“It’s murder.,You are a revenge?”
Li Hui looked like a mad dog as a mad dog.,It seems to see who is going to bite anyone。
“Your kid?”
I didn’t expect it to know if you didn’t think it’s really.。
I saw that Li Hui’s temple did not take it.,The body is also some slim feeling,At first glance is ordinary people。
“You used a gun?”
“no,That is the iron,He wants to feed me snake,So I will resist it.,I didn’t expect him to knock.,Directly。”
Li Hui does not say this is fine.,Say this,The other party is no longer speech,Playing with others,Directly。
But accompanied by the shield on Li Hui Feng,Since the complex is also very incomparable。
innate,And still unparalleled innate realm。
This is the mask is not a general person.,What’s more, they are rationally killing not only without any effect, they are still rebounded.。
Li Hui Feng did not care about these。
He is thinking about whether these people are also extinguished.。
But he is not a person who has killed,For a time, he is a little hesitation.。
“Why don’t you do it??”
In the face of Li Hui Feng, this slightly sarcasm,This time, a few people are very respectful, no one.。
“senior,Let’s have a look,I also hope that you don’t remember the little person.。”