CITIC Securities clearly: a new round of pig cycle or will start

[] Securities Network News November 9th, CITIC Securities chief FICC analysts clearly analyze that the new round of pig cycles will be launched.

He said that the growth rate of the pigs and live pigs has been fell up again than the growth rate, pointing to the end of this round of pigs, and the new round of pigs are brewing. Obviously, the typical pig cycle from the sow pumping to the pig’s outbrace for about 10-14 months, from the leading index of historical pork prices, can increase and decrease in the pig from the year-on-year increase or decrease of 6 In the month, the pig’s rains increased down to the price of Mr. Leng’s price about 6 months.

At the beginning of 2021, it was a year-on-year growth in the rapid growth of the pig, and the top of the live pigs and the live pigs were started to run for a while. In addition, it is clear that the current pig food ratio is near 4: 1, it is expected that the inventory of pigs and pigs have also declined year-on-year, thereby driving a new round of pig cycle start.

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