Chongqing Qijiang: Miao Drum Sound Category Mid-Autumn Festival

  People’s Network Chongqing on September 18th, the drum, since ancient times, it is an important way to celebrate the festival of Miaojiacun Village.

Near Mid-Autumn Festival, in Chongqing, Jiangjiang, Miao children knocked on the drum, pray for the fineness of the country, and sent the beautiful wishes to the motherland.

  Located under the feet of Wuling Mountain, the mountains of Chongqing, the mountains are close, Qifeng stand, since ancient times, the Miao gathering. Near Mid-Autumn Festival, Miao Drum, Running through the Valley, in the campus of the Minjiang District Middle School, the Miao young girl is dressed in the festival, and the festive drums are warm, sometimes the momentum of the momentum, the expression of the seedlings, the wind, the rain The beautiful look forward to Yin Mingfeng.

  These Miao teenage girls who have been drumping drumstick, some are learning the seedlings, and there are many beginners. The 16-year-old Huang Hao, learning the seedlings less than two years, with the love of this traditional skill, she knocked up the drums and flying, and they became the most skilled drummer in the same age.

  The miaon drum as a national intangible cultural heritage, and the origin can be traced back to the pre-Qin period. Playing a seedlings, less dance, so the seedlings are also known as one of the most dance characteristics. In Chongqing, Jiangjiang, in order to better inherit and protect the miao drum, the education department establishes a seedlings in some primary and secondary schools. Under the professor of Miao Drum Teachers and Volunteers, Miao Village has gradually mastered. The performance of the seedlings, let this ancient national folk skills give new vitality.

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