“You guys know?”Wang Mengmeng and Jiang Yan looked surprised。

After all, in their impression,Qin Feng can’t take the initiative to meet friends,Besides being a college girl,Is there any hidden secret in this?
But did not wait for Qin Feng to explain,At this moment Carina Du suddenly sneezed。
“Yeah,Linger, you will definitely catch a cold if you soak like this,okay,We accompany you to the doctor。”Wang Mengmeng Kindness。
“what?No need to.”Carina Du wants to refuse,But another sneeze,In the end, Wang Mengmeng, who was very helpless and unable to shirk his passion,Can only be pulled away。
Fortunately, there is a small clinic just one kilometer from the seaside,So they don’t need to run too far。
Chapter Twenty Four sick
The doctor in the clinic looked a little bohemian,However, the examination was quickly completed and Du Jialing was prescribed some cold medicine。
“Pay over there for medicine!”
After the unruly doctor finished speaking, waved to Qin Feng,“Brother, come here, let’s talk。”
Qin Feng has some doubts,What does the doctor in this clinic want to do??After all, come to the hospital to see a doctor,The doctor has nothing to do with the patient,But this unruly doctor is so proactive?
“This gentleman,I think you should take the female patient to see a psychologist。I suspect,She has depression。”
Qin Feng looked surprised,But think again,The unruly doctor said that seems reasonable。After all, not only Qin Feng but also Wang Mengmeng and others thought that Carina Du had the idea of committing suicide.。This is very likely to be affected by the depression spoken by unruly doctors。