But there is no room for the countermeasures devised in a hurry,Just arrived at the alley,The man behind him started silently,A steel dagger flew from behind with a swish,Fortunately, Wogua has been on guard,Straddle suddenly、Just twist your body with all your strength to avoid a fatal blow。

Wogua, who has been fighting for a long time, is not a simple role,At this time, there is absolutely no kind of womanhood,He immediately took out his pistol and pointed it at the man who attacked him,The other party is not surprised,Side back,And smile at him weirdly。
“Buddy who?Why attack me?”
“You don’t need to understand this,Just give me one thing,Today I won’t run into the streets。”
“Admit the wrong person?I don’t understand what you said。”
“hiss,Dude is really unreasonable。”Exaggerated fang,Took another big step back,People have reached the main road,Although it is night,But there are still sparse pedestrians on the street,Wogua raised his pistol and felt bad,But just at this moment, the wiping footsteps came from behind。
People come very fast,There is no sign to hide,After a few breaths, I reached a distance of less than ten meters behind Wogua,Look at the man in front,Back to the indifferent look just now,It’s just that there is a hint of contempt in the indifferent eyes,That is a kind of contempt for life。
Wogua, who has gone through life and death, is no stranger to this look,That’s the characteristic of professional killers,What he is thinking about is not tolerated by the enemy,Raise the gun in your hand violently,Opened insurance,A very simple fake action suddenly flicks the forearm back,Just pulled the trigger。
“boom”A loud noise,Wow me away,Occasionally I looked back and caught a glimpse of the person behind me,Actually missed,And he looks very much like someone he knows,I just can’t remember it in a hurry。
Wogua knows he hesitates at this moment,May die on the spot,So just run wild。Subconsciously strange that the other party had a chance to kill him before,But didn’t make a move,Especially the appearance of the person behind,If you hit a black gun,He’s finished playing long ago。
But want to return,It’s a lifeless escape right now,Cancan only ran a few dozen meters away,The other party finally shot,With gunfire,Wogua felt a piercing pain in his side ribs,He fights back without looking,Grit your teeth to escape。
I don’t know how many streets I ran out,Wo Gua was convinced that the chasing troops were thrown away,But I complained in my heart,Zhu Lei’s family is still in Super Eight,Since the opponent can easily find him,You can find them easily。
Self-blaming,Wogua decided to return to Super Eight,He checked the wound,Don’t feel in the way,So after a simple treatment, detour back。
On the way, Wogua tried to call Zhu Lei’s wife twice,But I can’t connect,His heart sank to the bottom。Very risky and returned to the hotel,The worst expected result appeared,Zhu Lei’s family disappeared,Didn’t even leave the luggage。
With an attitude of giving it a try,Wogua asked at the lobby desk,Answered that the guest did not check out,Did not see the guests leaving,Wo Gua dumbfounded,So persistently request to adjust the monitoring,But the waitress was rejected。
Wogua was born in Yeluzi,After following Zhu Lei, I learned a little bit about the rules,But in this case,Don’t care about anything in a hurry,He pulled out the dagger and forced the little girl to replay and monitor,The security called the police,Wugu ran away in a hurry。
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Eight Back to the scene
Wogua is not good at words,So the narrative is nagging,In some places,But the whole incident is relatively clear,Not complicated。
But a few questions lie ahead,Dapeng is an accidental figure in the incident,If he is a ghost,Why do I need to call to try out when Wogua has been tracked??In other words, Dapeng is not the same group of people he is following?