This is simple“Skill”,Compared to cultivation“Trend”The upper limit of the sword trick is low、However, it’s faster.。

However, only the level of technology,I will have a summary of the flaws sooner or later.,Naturally, the more affected。
Just the effect,It is really easy to use。
Unfair, frozen, fast sword, blocking two strokes,The wolf is hiding for half.,But it is still a condensation of Zixia’s true gas.,Cut off the left arm!
Just Ning Zhongxin,At this time, it was still stabbed.——Although I didn’t say anything in front of the outside,But but secretly wounded,Husband who is holding a positive,Actually lost qi reluctance……
“it is good、it is good!A trick‘Sanxian sword’!”Blocking is not flattening。
“The brother is obeying this time.?”Yue Yue said the sound of the sound。
“Hahaha,‘Skill’Be less than people、‘Skill’Be less than people!”Blocking is not smooth。
In Chu Deire,Sword,Nothing more than“Trend”、“gas”Dispute,As a result, the last Yue is not a group.“Skill”Won。
“Losing is not lost,Murder、Just is a good job!”Mu Yuqing said in the small voice of Chu Deirers.。
“Reason……But if you do this,It is not necessary to learn martial arts.。”After a little sink,Half is the attached、Half is refuting。
“kindness?No martial arts?If you have no martial arts,Yue Yue has just been connected to it.。”Muxi Qingqing to these high-school people,Also moved to the name。
“If it is just to kill,The most powerful trick in the world,Not in martial arts,Instead of conspiracy,Agency trap。”Chu Dee people have a big voice,And feel full、Arrest。
Be right,This is the original style, Qing Yang, said to make the foxhort——It’s more powerful than there is a trick.,More powerful than no trick……Is a conspiracy!
Chu Deirers estimate that the wind should be nearby,Yourself……Cough,It is my heart that I feel my heart.,《Solitary》Do not《Solitary》of,Chu Demen is not very intentionally,Mainly old people happy。
Unfortunately, the Chu Deirers have“Gladly”,But it is thrown,People who have heard around,It’s all opposed to him.“Gratitude”,Awkward smile,The wind is not seen。
“You suddenly do so loudly!”Mu Yuqing is sorbing some embarrassment。
“Cough,nothing……”Chu Deirers——The wind is clear, it does not come?
I don’t know,Just just,This is also used by the man’s heart and the man’s sarm.“Sanxian sword”Wind clear,After hearing the words of the Chu Dee,I remembered the matter of the year.,Angry。
Mu people who continue to observe secretly,At this time, I looked speechless.——This kid is not intentional.?What pot does not open、What a pot?
For Yue Yue, the swordsman move,Mu people are not unexpected,only……Because“The gas relief is exposed to the swordsman”,And the face is cold。
Mu people clear white beard,Another sword is coming over,What I have never seen?
Before I don’t pay attention to Huashan’s things,In addition to 怄,It is also found some of the small actions of Yue.,Hint、Dark observed several times,Under disappointment,Tale, more issued relationship。
More umpering,Ding Yu、Lucy and others,As for an uneven……At this time, the internal strength is serious.,Broken arm,Dizziness in the past,It’s not worried, I’ll be busy, and I seal his cavity.,I have hurt my medicine。
The Lushan School was originally riveted.,Want to be in Huashan,Considering the true school,The left cold Zen special sent a few Taiwanese,Also contacted a shallow hill——Such lineup,Unless the fullness is going to face,Otherwise it is weak to protect Huashan。
In fact,The plan for the left cold is indeed successful,Put Yue Yue to the extent to which the head of the head is,However……
Actually lost?
Originally based on Huashan now,The Lushan School did not think about it at all,Three Jianzong masters comparable to the thirteen too predecessor,Actually, three games will lose,Even if the left cold Zen is highly seen in the Yue,I don’t think,In addition to Yue Yue,What is the master in Huashan?!
Ningzhong’s true female,But to say kung fu,It is the horizontal level of thirteen too late.。
However, the fact is in front of you,Hide strength in front of the Shaoshanpai before the blocked,But still lost to Yue Yue,Even two young disciples,Fight a wonderful defeat……
When Yue does not play hands,Ding Yi has not arrived yet,But because the time of hand is not short,At this time, I have reached more than twenty.,Especially there is a hill、Haiqi machine, such heavyweight,Not worthy of replay!
Lushan, who has worked for this matter before,At this time, sit on the wax——Have to recognize this result。
However, Lu Bai is still a ridicule:“Mr. Huashan Pai Yue really is unique,That Yuhai is a small person,Finally, it is Mr. Yue.《Evil spirits》?hehe,Also congratulate Huashan gas,More than a peerless sword!”
Be right,Not only Yue Yue,The scene included in the mountains,Most people will perform Lin Ping’s and make the fox,Attributive《Evil spirits》。
“Who doesn’t know,《Evil spirits》It is the school of Linjia,Their child is still awkward.,How can I be anxiety in Huashan??Lu Shi brother said。”
Yue Yue Yue is turned around,Restored,No one knows what he is thinking。
Chapter 160 Invite
Huashan Second Swords,Witness in many of the same channels。
Different from twenty-five years ago,Didn’t die this time,Therefore, the strength of the gas is not large.,even……additional“Expose”Two young masters。