About 9 issues of O’K戎, the national health and health committee authority is coming

In response to the new crown virus O’K, the National Health and Health Committee organized China Disease Control Center experts to learn about the relevant issues: O’K克 Variation Strain discovery and epidemics November 9, 2021, South Africa first from case samples from cases A new crown virus variant strain was detected. In just 2 weeks, the variant plant becomes an absolute advantageous variant of new crown infection cases in South Africa, which has grown rapidly. On November 26, WHO was defined as a fifth related interstitial strain (Variantofconcern, Voc), named Greek alphabet O (OMICRON, Yokkiki) variants. As of November 28, South Africa, Israel, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, Austria, and China, have been monitored to the input of the variation strain. The input of the variability has not been found in other provinces and cities in our country. The O’K tunain strain first discovered and reported in South Africa, but it does not mean that this virus is formed in South Africa, and the discovery of variability is not necessarily the origin. The possible cause of O’K克 Variation strains According to the current information shared by the new crown virus database, the number of mutant sites of the new crown virus O’K variability is significantly more popular in nearly 2 years, especially The spike mutation is more mutation. It may be three cases of the causes of its appearance: (1) After the immunodeficiency patient infected new crown viruses, in the body experienced a large number of mutations, spread by accidental opportunities; (2) a certain animal group infection The new crown virus, the virus is adapted in the dissemination of the animal population, and the mutation rate is higher than that in humans, and then overflows to human beings; (3) The variation strain is in the country or region of new crown virus genomic mutation to last for a long time. Due to insufficient monitoring capacity, the evolution of the evolution is failed to be discovered in time. The propagation force of O’Kki variants is currently, there is no systematic research data in the propagation force, pathogenicity and immune escape capacity of O’Kek. However, the O’Krah variab strain has the first four VOC variants Alpha (Alpha), Beta (Beta), Gamma (gamma) and Delta pension protein, including enhanced cells Mutation site of physical affinity and viral replication capabilities. Epidemiology and laboratory monitoring data show that the number of cases in the South African infected o’trox variability and some replaced Delta variants were propagated to be further monitored.

The effects of O’Kki variabar on vaccine and antibody drugs have shown that if K417N, E484A or N501Y mutation occurs, the new crown virus s protein is prompted to increase immune escape; and the O’K克 tuning strain exists in K417N + E484A + N501Y Triple Mutation; in addition, O’Keri variability has several other mutations that may reduce partial monoclonal antibody neutralization. Mutation superimposed may reduce the protection of some antibody drugs on the O’Kek tunaining strain, and have the ability to escape existing vaccine immunization.

O’K克 Variation plants have an influence of nucleic acid detection reagents in my country to show genomic analysis of O’K tunains, and their mutant sites do not affect the sensitivity and specificity of mainstream nucleic acid testing agents in my country.

The site of the O’Kki variabous strain is mainly concentrated in the high variant area of ??the s protein gene, not in the eighth edition of my country’s "new coronary virus pneumonia prevention program" nucleic acid detection reagent primer and probe target area (China The ORF1AB gene and N gene published globally to the world’s disease control center virus disease. However, several laboratories in South Africa may not be able to effectively detect S genes of O’Kki variants for detection of nucleic acid detection reactors for detecting target S gene. Measures taken in countries and regions In view of the rapid epidemic trends in South Africa, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the EU, Russia, Israel, my country, including the United States, the UK, EU, Russia, Israel, China’s Taiwan and Hong Kong have restrictions from southern Africa. Passengers enter.

my country’s counterfeiting measures my country’s external prevention input, internal defense rebound prevention strategies are still effective for O’K tunains.

Chinese Disease Control Center Virus Disease has established a specific nucleic acid detection method for the O’Kek tunaining strains, and continues to conduct viral genome monitoring for possible input cases. The above measures will facilitate timely discovery of O’K克 tunains that may enter our country.

WHO’s recommendations of the O’Kekan variability suggests that countries to strengthen new crown viruses monitoring, report and research work, take effective public health measures to block viral dissemination; recommend individual effective preventive infections include public places At least 1 meter distance, wearing mask, open the window ventilation, keep your hand clean, coughing or sneezing against elbow or paper towel or sneezing, vaccination, etc., while avoiding ventilation or crowded places.

Compared with other VOC variants, it is currently not sure whether the propagation force of O’Kki variants, the pathogenicity and immune escape is stronger, and the relevant research will be preliminary results in the next few weeks. However, it is known that all variants may lead to severe or death, so preventing viral dissemination is always critical, new crown vaccines are still effective for reducing critical and death.

In the face of new new crown virus O’K, the public needs to pay attention to in daily life work? (1) Wearing mask is still an effective way to block viral dissemination, and it is equally applicable to O’K Variation.

Even if the full vaccination has been completed, it is also necessary to wear a mask in the indoor public place, public transport. In addition, it is necessary to wash your hands and do indoor ventilation.

(2) Do your personal health monitoring.

In time when there is a symptom of neoguanpi-pneumonia, such as heat, cough, breathing, etc. (3) Reduce unnecessary entry and exit.

In just a few days, many countries and regions reported the O’Ciki variability, and my country is also facing the risks of the variabrate input, and the current global understanding of the variabar is still limited. Therefore, you should minimize the high-risk areas, and to strengthen your personal protection on your trip, reduce the chance of infection of O’Kki variants. (Source: Xinhuanet).