Tian Lu occasionally shines through the light in the house,I occasionally see a figure moving,There is a warm current in my heart。Then another few days passed,Ding Kelan went to the cafeteria,Just go back to the office,Stay at home。Let Tian Lu mistakenly think,And narcissistically thinking,Could it be that he saw me out of office,Reluctant to leave the office,Get along with me this way?Thinking of this, Tian Lu smiled foolishly。

In the distance, Zhan Xinyue saw Tian Lu’s silly smile,A while,Is this girl wicked?,Still interested in the president?呲,Why would the president like her?,That kind of beauty。
Thought of here,Zhan Xinyue proudly straightened her figure,It’s a sign to show your body shape,Even if the president likes,I only like her to occupy Xinyue,I really like Tian Lu who is boring。
Ding Kelan welcomes guests from Europe,Discuss cooperation matters。For Ding Kelan,Is a very important diplomatic event。Start preparations and division of labor in the first four days。After the clever and flexible Zhan Xinyue received the task,Busy living,You can see her everywhere upstairs and downstairs,The little figure is vigorously stepping on high heels“Gotta”Walking around,Incessant force,Inexhaustible force。
Ding Keran will leave the business to her completely relieved。
According to the requirements of the president,The task assigned to Tian Lu is to write notices and conference guides sent to various departments,Something that seems simple,But it can’t go wrong,stroke、All the time the character’s name and position arrived in Yihai accurately,While completing these things,There will be small coordination,Ask relevant people,Responsibility is also great。
When European merchants come,From office visits to field project inspections to conference negotiations,From meal to accommodation,Each,Can make European guests feel at home,The smile on the face of the merchant,Can be said to be satisfactory。
Language barrier,Ding Kelan knows English well,No need to bring translation,Let Tian Lu, who participated in one of the sessions, see his excellence。
Several European merchants are merchants from other countries,When language is difficult to communicate,The woman with long curly hair is eye-catching,She took the conversation fluently and naturally,Translate the dialogue for both parties。of
Follow the sound,Women wear a blue strapless skirt,Fairy temperament,Sexy and not kitsch,Pink flowers have a layered embellishment skirt,It feels like she is in a sea of flowers,Sweet little woman Fan rushes。The skin is well maintained。I see the face from the neck,A familiar face appeared in front of you,She is Xie Lisu。
Haven’t seen her for a long time,The dress is getting more and more invisible,Xie Lisu is not embarrassed at all in a girly blue print dress,White, beautiful and tender skin can pinch out water,It’s a goddess who wants to be immortal。Love Book House
Tian Lu in professional overalls followed the crowd,She didn’t look carefully and couldn’t see that it was Xie Lisu,Amazed,So elegant、So talented、So sociable,Simply perfect,Tian Lu secretly envy and appreciate it。So silently walked at the end of the team like a dumb bird。
Ding Kelan noticed Tian Lu’s pitiful appearance from far away,After smirking secretly,Return to the merchants,Continue to entertain visitors warmly。People like Tian Lu who have never seen a big scene,Used to seeing smart women around,This kind of cute and stupid is extraordinarily fresh。
Tian Lu accompanied the merchants,Arrive at the reception center for dinner,Tian Lu and Zhan Xinyue do a good job of calling at any time,Such as coordinating the link between、Such as the need to deliver documents, etc.。
Xie Lisu walked along with the merchants at the forefront,A beautiful translator who supports the scene,enthusiasm、active、Intellectual、Hot,To attract merchants to a full house。Entourage,Except for a few vice presidents,Xie Lisu who can talk,Then there is Zhan Xinyue who played Ding Kelan。
In the reception and entertainment, two beauties stood before the fight,With ease,Wandering between merchants and recommended projects。
Tian Lu thought to herself:“too talented,There is too much to learn from them。Their strengths are precisely their weaknesses,On talent and socializing ability。”Thought of here,Lower your head with inferiority,Follow them like a program。