Until I return to my office,Chen Geng’s head is still dizzy,Diligently digesting the shock this news brought to me:Wolfsburg is just like thatgame overUp?I’m sure it wasn’t God who made a joke with myself?

But Chen Geng is dizzy,As FernandezCEORosemary is not dizzy at all,She looked at her boss with a serious face:“boss,Are you sure you are serious?You are really ready to open a car manufacturing plant in China?Are you sure you think it over?Automobile manufacturing plants and scrap car dismantling plants are not the same thing。”
Chen Geng seriously corrected the mistakes in Rosemary’s words:“Not to open a car manufacturing plant in China,It is a joint venture with a local state-owned enterprise of China to establish a joint-stock company for automobile production and manufacturing。”
“it’s the same,”Don’t dwell on these little details with your own boss,Rosemary waved:“Although you are the boss of the company,But since I was invited by youCEO,I will be responsible for you:Are you sure that this business with Huaxia can make money?According to what you said,But even the Germans flinched。”
Rosemary’s worries are justified,Who owns the German Wolfsburg car??
Porsche family;
When did the Porsche family start the car business?
Speaking out scares you:1896year,Ferdinand·Porsche and a friend made a model called“Lona·Porsche”Two-seater electric car;
Even if it’s Wolfsburg Motors1937A car company established under personal instructions,It’s been more than half a century now,Rich experience in dealing with various risks,Even they flinched from the China market,Can Fernandez have more investment vision than Wolfsburg Motors?
Chen Geng thought for a while,Said:“As a professional manager,You should be very clear,If we only develop step by step,Fernandez may become a larger company,We may earn a year1One hundred million U.S. dollars、5Billion dollars even10One hundred million U.S. dollars,But that’s it,We can never be a family like Ford、Boeing is a great company that can influence all aspects of American society,Ford、It is impossible for Boeing to allow a second company that can compete with them, but I saw such an opportunity in China。
According to the data released by Huaxia official at the beginning of this year,till1978End of the year,China has more than9.6Billion people,Is the world’s most populous country,It means this is the market with the greatest potential in the world……”
“But China is very poor。”Rosemary interrupted Chen Geng,Said:“How much consumption potential can such a market have?”
“Yes,Huaxia is still poor,”Chen Geng does not deny this:“But poverty can become rich,Poverty also means that the purchasing power of this market is now limited,So we come first,Can take the lead……If this is a highly mature market,Just like the US automobile consumer market,What else can we do?Do you think it’s still an opportunity for us?”
“I understand what you mean,”Rosemary thought for a long time,Finally understood what my boss meant:“So you think the China Market is an opportunity for us,Even if the market is very risky、Many uncertain factors?”
it is good……Bar……
You are willing to understand。
To avoid wasting some saliva with Rosemary,Chen Geng nodded:“Can also be understood like this……The main reason is that even if all investments in China are lost, nothing is left.,The impact on our company will not be too great,The company will not close down,But once you get a bet,Then make a lot of money。”
“Just follow the flowers50Like buying a lottery ticket for cents,If you get it, you make a lot of money,It’s just not50Only cents?”
“what……more or less,”Chen Geng was amused by Rosemary’s metaphor:“We are equivalent to a salaryman200US dollars to buy lottery tickets,You won’t go bankrupt if you lose,But distressed for sure。
And China’s investment link is not as bad as yours,Think about our investment in China,They still have the spirit of contract, right??So I think,Although the risk of this investment is a bit big,But it’s not too outrageous,Compared to the gains if the investment becomes a function,It’s worth the risk。”