Wright feels a little ashamed,I feel like I drag my teachers and relatives into the water。

Seems to have seen Wright’s idea,The Cromwell Saint Magister has a beard,Said:“Wright,No need to blame,With the current attitude of the two Holy Sees,For those of us in the Puang Empire‘Survivors’Not friendly,Sooner or later it will be opposed。”
Nelson hesitated for a while,Asked:“teacher,Since I want to match,Why don’t we just go to join the Sistan family,Dozens of sanctuary powerhouses gathered there,If we join, our strength may be able to overwhelm the two Holy See!”
Cromwell Saint Magister nodded:“You are right,But one thing is not considered,If we join over there,Which side is the main one,Over there?”
“as far as I know,Although there are many sanctuary powerhouses on the Sistan family,But there are only five or six people who are truly at the peak of the sanctuary,And among these five or six people,Except for Kelander, not as strong as you。Koland is quite strong,And more importantly,There are already many hills over there,We are close in strength,If you rush together,It’s hard to say what will happen。”
As soon as this said,Nelson and Wright are a little shocked,Although they are not weak,But I don’t really understand much about the internal disputes of these forces.。
Instead, it’s a former nobleman,Wright’s grandfather understands this。On strength,In fact, the royal camp is already above the two Holy Sees after incorporating many dukes.,But because of considerable internal fighting,It’s slightly inferior in general。
Since I decided not to live in hiding,Then we have to develop power。
Powerful,No help to the strong in the sanctuary,But it can also put pressure on the two Holy Sees in ordinary battles。
And this aspect,John·Shalom and Nelson know better。
Nelson cleared his throat,Open road:“Cough,Since I decided to develop power,Let me talk about the current situation。”
“Ermeer City,Is a small town with a population of just over 30,000,The previous city owner was very afraid of death,There is an army of 1,200 people,But the army is very poor,More than 90% are first-class fighters!”
“These strengths are relatively weak,But we have many strong people!”
“I have two ideas,One is to directly disclose the identity of your sanctuary powerhouse,Based on the number of strong sanctuary in our side,Don’t even need to fight,Many cities will be willing to surrender and join us!In a place like the chaos,Most people worship the strong!We can expand quickly,It’s okay to occupy a kingdom’s territory in three years,But the disadvantage is,Not faithful enough,With these strengths of refuge, we cannot kill the leader,As a result, we have weaker control over the forces。”