Sheathing,He actually doesn’t understand,But there is a feeling of unclear feeling,If the black blade scabbard is stored in this space,He is bound to win。

The ground dust is actually very thick,Step on to cover the instep,Digging three feet is a bit exaggerated,He can do it all through the dust。
Danfan can find the scabbard,He doesn’t want to fumble in the mud,On the one hand it is dirty,I’m still a little worried。
I don’t know how long this place has existed,Rotting and even fresh leaves on the water,The mud that sinks into the thighs underwater,There is a giant flower in full bloom in the middle of the pond,Maybe it’s which kind of aquatic plant mutation,So I don’t know if there are any weird creatures in the mud。
He is more worried about the hard work for a long time,There is no scabbard underwater。
It’s just that the two stone houses and the ground can’t be found,Then no choice。
Pearl hanging on the tree,Illuminate the pool,Throw debris into the pool,Waited for a while,Really nothing,Gan Yifan was relieved now。
I really can’t tell about luck,Like buying lottery tickets,Maybe you buy one hundred and one thousand,Not even one,Maybe you only bought one,Jackpot。
Gan Yifan is like this,Test carefully for a long time,In less than a minute,Step on a hard strip with one foot,He thought it was a branch,Take a look,It’s actually a black blade scabbard。
Come too easy,It seems unreal!
He even suspected that the monster was hiding around,Send the scabbard to his feet。
“is it you……Bug,You come out……”
For this he jumped up and down,Smell the East,Tossing for a while before sitting quietly on the tree。
Of course there is no monster breath。
Melancholy,Looking down at the knife in hand,Knife……Sheathed。
Compared to the extraordinary black blade,The scabbard looks too flat,Not Fallen Autumn,As inconspicuous as a short stick,The kind that no one would bend over to pick it up on the side of the road。
But hold it heavy in your hand,I don’t know how long the silt is buried,But not stained,No trace of rust。