Tang Yuki laughing meat,Respect,Swordsmanic,Truse,It’s a malicious。

The other party vaguely pointed out that Gao Bo Yi is so powerful.,In the future, you will die.,Even the success of your success is also easy.。He is now Fuyang http://www.zanrp.cn King,Do you dare to ensure that he will go to the Fuyang Wang in this life??
Chicken,Dead Wenstead!
Gao Bao is angry with a belly,But it is inconvenient。He got up and said:
“Where,Tony is no root,All everything is to give,Although the heart is nothing,But I am also worried that the courtiers don’t know me.,Yang Fengyin violates,Always feel like a thin ice。
However, Mr. Tang is different.,Emperor,Is the prime minister of Wei Guo,When the emperor of the text is the general of the generals。
Head of the court,The old people of each road are quite a situation.,Start with things,Everyone will give face,It can be much stronger than the child.。Qi State will have a lot of releared in the Tang waiter.。”
Gao Baoyi Winery,Drinking Tang Yu,Get a white face on the opponent’s face。
Gao Biyi,I secretly point out what http://www.cuofj.cn I am just a new person.,The emperor will be able to promote the official,But you are not the same.。
Qualified,Component,More importantly,You are very familiar with the old man with Gao Huan.,Follow the hands of Gao Cheng,Those princes with the royal family are more familiar!
Although you don’t miss the army,But your components are also very heavy.,In case many minds,Ha ha,The harm caused by me!
Two people compete with opposite guns,The meaning of the high ocean。He smiled and looked at the two people.,Sword pulls,Don’t worry, two people are playing。
Even more happiness!
But as the party’s Tang Wei,It is a sinking in my heart.。
Today is his first time to see Gao Baoyi,But the opponent’s discourse has a deep information。
Labor, know who you are!Everything I have already touched everything.!
Today’s banquet is officially official,So the ocean has not called those legs and waist.。After three patrols,He ca counss a way:“Su Gujun’s preparation has been incomplete,So I fell to abolish the Sudokan army,Re-establishing New Army,How do you mean?”
How can I still??
Isn’t it clear??
“Minishen has no objection!”
Everyone said almost unison.。
Several,All the beneficiaries of this banned army。Please high performance and Gao Zhan,That is to do it to Zhao Zhaojun.。
If it is not this war, the Bai Han is hovering.,Gao Ying is unable to set things like this now.。
Gao Ying suddenly,Shouted a sentence。
“I grant your left army,From today,You are the top of the temple!”
Duan Zhao walked forward,Visiting the white jade tiger handed over the high ocean。
“Gao Baoyi!”
“I award your right arm in front of you.,From today,You are the front right army!”