Several shells hit the white monster,However, the skin on the monster’s body is extremely tough,The shell slid away after hitting,Can’t hurt。

Cannonball damage,Mainly rely on the shock wave generated by the explosion to kill,Within a certain radius,Monsters of level 3 and below can easily be shaken to death。But for monsters at level four and level four,The explosive radius of the shell is no longer a threat,But if it’s hit by a shell,The bomb exploded in the face is another matter。
If hit directly,HLevel toFLevel monster is almost mortal,Immortality is also serious injury,ELevel monsters will also get hurt,You will die if you get fired by a few cannons。
But this head is numbered005,Called by the army“Ghost fish”Monster,YesCMonster。Ordinary large-caliber artillery has very weak effect on it。
The fins flashed across the artillery camp like a knife,An instant steel cannon mixed with the flesh and blood of the operator,Turned into a pile of rubble。
“Click!”The headquarters ten kilometers away,The frontline commander, who is about forty years old, looks ugly,He looked at the screens in front of him turning into snowflakes,The water glass in my hand was crushed directly。
Screen snowflake,It means that an artillery camp is destroyed,Then the camera in the center of the artillery camp will be destroyed。
On this battlefield,There are less than 3,000 soldiers。
And every artillery position has two hundred people。
An artillery camp was destroyed,Fifty howitzers turned into scrap iron,It means two hundred great guys,Killed by a monster。Although fish monsters are more afraid of these artillery,Will not deliberately slaughter soldiers。But the shock wave generated by it gliding through the air alone is enough to shock people who have not yet become martial artists.。Most soldiers in the army have good physical fitness,But there are still relatively few who can become real warriors。Once the howitzer they used was destroyed,The probability of being able to escape is not great!
Another screen flashed in front of the commander,Become snowflakes!
Second piece、Third piece、Fourth block!
The commander’s anger turned into frustration,Then it became despair!
And the artillery position was destroyed,Means other monsters can also rush out of the lake,Fight with the army。
“Over,Our troops in this position are all over.”The commander’s face is earthy,Grit your teeth,Take out your own gun、Just want to rush out of the headquarters,Fight with monsters-—-Or to die,Although he is usually a little useless,But he also has the courage to live and die with soldiers。
Unexpected,When a figure appears on the horizon,Flying fast,The shock wave formed at a strong speed separates the water surface,Roar。
The commander was taken aback,I saw a screen in the corner of my eye,A figure flashed through the air!
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