Everything open,Eyes full of purple。

“Wow!This knife,Cut really well,Almost cut along the edge of the jade。”
“Who is that?It looks like the bet is right。”
See all kinds of inquiries from the audience in the live broadcast room,Populus explained:“For the time being, the bet has risen,But can you pay back,It’s hard to say now,Need to cut a few more sides。Brothers who just came in,Remember to pay attention,Don’t get lost!”
“Haha!Brother Hu also learned these mantras。”
“After all, it’s been broadcast for so long,Heard a lot,Nothing strange。”
“Ugh!Why didn’t Brother Hu bet on his own?”
“Bet yourself?More than two billion!brothers。Even if Brother Hu is rich,,Not this trick。”No one thought about,Brother Hu has no money。
Studio,Close to 300,000 onlookers,This huge bet of more than 200 million。This is definitely what they have seen,Most spectacular、The most exciting bet.Bo。
At this moment,The master of Jie Shi calmed down the knife again。
After cutting,Although not as exaggerated as the first cut,But you can also see purple,So it’s still up。
“master,Cut this side。”Xin Zhao said。
Largest customer,Master Jie Shi said nothing,Flip the rough,Then fix it,Move the stone knife to the cutting line indicated by Xin Zhao,Start the machine,Push it slowly。
More than ten seconds,A large piece of stone skin was cut off。This time,Cut a bit too much。
“Up,Up!This knife started,Should have earned it?”The onlookers were also beaten up,Although this material has nothing to do with them。
Xin Zhao saw this scene,A bright smile instantly,Turn around and hug Hu Yang:“Brother,You are too god。”