That is Wu Zonghaoqi,Similar to Jianhong,It’s the supernatural power beyond the power limit of the mortal body。

Mighty,Whenever seemingly ordinary punches come,But the momentum is like a mountain torrent and avalanche,Zhu Minglang, who has raised his sword to welcome him, feels like he is fighting a majestic and terrifying natural disaster,Not a monk。
His punch,Can collide with a sharp sword,As hard as iron。
His arm can easily bounce the blade,Blunt the blade。
He kicked,It’s more like a brown ancient beast hit。
Zhu Minglang took a few steps back,Not really afraid of this monk,But the other side,A few fire talismans flew over,If not avoid,This flame that directly burns human souls,Will bring great pain。
I just avoided the Underfire Fire Talisman,A large group of ficus bees lined up into a blue-black wall,Slammed down。
Zhu Minglang tore through the wall of banyan bees,Spin in place,Slash the blade hard on the ground,I saw a large flame burning hot on the sword。
This flame is green and red,Attached to the sword,Won’t even disappear。
And Zhu Minglang accumulated all the strength,Gorgeously waving the sword of blue blood in his hand,I saw a long shadow of blue and red flames,Soaring from his sword!!
“Canglong Sword!”
I wish Minglang the sword is dancing,The dancing is a blazing dragon,I saw the blazing blue dragon flying above his head with Zhu Minglang’s sword dance,The dragon body is huge and long,The flame is hot and dazzling……
The Horde of Hornet turns into a horrible and strange cloud swirl,Miasma,And when I wish Minglang a sword sweep,The blazing blue dragon is waving its tail in the air,Zhu Minglang lifted up,The blazing dragon leaps and bites,I wish Minglang when turning the blade,The blazing dragon is even more hovering and strangling!