Originally planned to take Xiao Qingzhuo who woke up a little further,To challenge some stronger demons,It happened that this rolling ocean thunderstorm poured down,Most creatures will also hide in their nests,Invisible。

“Zhu Minglang,Zhu Minglang,Don’t sleep!!”Outside,There was a rapid knock on the door。
I wish Minglang yawned,This heavy rain,Listening to the sound of rain like a piano playing,What can I do without sleeping?
“What’s the matter?”Zhu Minglang said。
“A swarm of white witch moths,It seems to be shocked by this sudden ocean thunderstorm,Their wings are wet,Can’t fly,Was blown away by the wind,Sprinkled like a silver ticket on the bay near our high courtyard,Everyone is already capturing,You hurry up,If you miss it, you lose a lot!”Hong Hao said excitedly。
“What is the White Witch Moth?”Zhu Minglang looks confused。
“I just heard what someone said,This white witch moth is a very special nocturnal creature in Nihai,Their wings will absorb the light of the moon when the moon is full,And grow something like a stamen on their tail。So a white witch moth,It’s like a scum,What price does Yuehua sell in the market,You don’t know?”Hong Hao said。
“I know this,The problem is that there are so many people in the whole city of How to Train Your Dragon,Everyone is catching these white witch moths,How many can we catch?”Zhu Minglang doesn’t like blind obedience。
“Big brother,I think you still follow me to see,I would never say that when I saw it,This thunderstorm must have destroyed the forest nests of these white witch moths,Too much you can’t describe!”Hong Hao said。
Opened an umbrella,Zhu Minglang, just follow Hong Hao to see this so-called white witch moth scene。
“You go,Why are you holding a blue pillow?,You plan to go to Yuting to sleep!”Hong Hao said angrily。
“amount,This is my new little Yingying Ling。”Zhu Minglang said。
“……”Hong Hao took a closer look,I realized that a pair of big fairy eyes suddenly appeared on the blue velvet delicate pillow!
Really an elf!
With eyes closed,It’s exactly like a beautiful round pillow。
“It’s clingy,Just take it with you。”Zhu Minglang said helplessly。
Although Xiaoye Jiao was born,But more mature,Self-reliance,Zhu Minglang fed some beef,It washes its scales in a thunderstorm。
The rain with thunder and electricity can nourish the dragon,It can also sharpen their young scales,In short, Xiao Ye Jiao is very hardworking,Also very independent。
Little Ying Ling is completely different。