Su Yanli feels slightly drunken smoke, starting to have a message.。

“Hey-hey,What if you have anything, what else is asked?,As long as I know, I will give you an answer.。”
Chapter 460
“Hey-hey,Brother,You tell the truth with my brother,Do you contrace the mountain farm??”
Silk blood has appeared in Su Cool Eye,But it is a serious look at Li Hui Feng.。
“Forehead,I just want to get rich with everyone.,No other idea。”
“Brother,Today my brother is also drinking.,My brother thinks about doing things with you.,You feel can’t do it.?”
Although Su Yan, although I don’t know what kind of nutritional value of Li Hui’s vegetables,But I will take the orchard.,That value is naturally self-evident。
If Li speaks from the wind, make some other vegetables.,The price is natural, it is definitely able to speculate in a good price.。
Li Hui also didn’t think that Su Liang will suddenly say this.,He really did not want to work with others.。
However, since Su Liang has opened it.,He can’t answer。
“Hey-hey,Su big brother,I don’t have a big thing.,It is the rich and get rich together with the villagers.,Then develop the mountain field,The main thing is to think about our lotus village,Lotus Mountain is created,Target does not dare to say far,At least on the entire North China,As for other, I really don’t think about it.。”
Li Hui said that this is also a serious face.,He is coming back to really build,To make money,He feels that he has enough money.。
Although it is not more cool,Can’t compare some big boss,But the money is enough for him.。
Su Chang heard this,Still some no heart。
But Li Hui’s roots did not say what they want to do business.,Just sending a villagers to get rich,This goal can be done.,There is no challenging at all,Of course, the most important thing is that he did not feel a profit.。
Shen Tiansi saw Suwa’s silence,Also hurriedly lifting a wine glass to start the battle。
“Xiao Li brothers have a kind heart,And Su Liang brothers have a heartbeat,If you have two, you will have a half-meal.,However, Xiao Li, this family, I feel that the com brother is in investment cooperation.,That is simply directly bought this family business.。”
“Thus,Southr, do you feel still cooperating??”
Looking at Shen Tian Si Yu,Su Qing is also understanding the other party,I know that this is not anxious.,I also touched Shen Tian Si.,Then laugh:“Correct,Shu Shu Ji did make me feel too much.,Mainly Xiao Li brothers are the teenagers I have seen.。”
Let’s talk about Li Hui,Several people on the wine table are praised.。
A tablet can eat directly at 10 o’clock in the evening.。
However, Li Hui has not let everyone go away.,Instead, it directly rinsing a table in the yard.,Then I took out the good tea of Liu Anjiao tablets and the diluted Xianquan started to drink.。
Liu Yanfeng packs the bowl of chopsticks,It is also ready to go back.。
Looking at Li Hui, who is talking about the village head and the town secretary.,She suddenly admired this young guy。
I thought that Li Hui has just returned to the village.,The whole village is avoided,Now people of the whole village can’t wait to become a relative of Li Hui.。
Without him,Because of making money。
Let her cook tonight,She is also some unexpected,The words that Li Hui Feng said before before the river.,She always thought that Li Hui Feng was a joke.,But let her make this money tonight.,She is some grateful to each other。
“Xiao Li,I finished,Not too early,I’m going back,The two children in the family also truss people.。”
Looking at the sweat on Liu Yanfeng’s face,Look at the neat tone table,There is also a tableware that has been washed.,Li Hui also directly took out four hundred dollars to hand it to each other。
“Scull,Then you slow down,These four hundred pieces of two hundred are yours,In addition, two hundred pieces are Wang Hao and Liu Yan.。”
I heard Li Hui’s allocation,Liu Yanfeng is also a glimpse,Why didn’t she think that it is just a meal?,Li Hui Feng actually gives so much money。
“Xiao Li,I am coming over.,I have never thought of so much money.,Do you want me to take a piece?,Then wait for me to go back to three people.。”
In fact, I feel a bit of Liu Yufeng.,After all, who is in the village, there is something to help, I am free to help.,Li Hui Feng suddenly gives money,She always feels weird。
The taste of the neighborhood has a bit alienated。
“Hey-hey,Scull,I know that you are helping.,But this is my little bit of my heart.,You will hold it.。”