Prague, Czechoslovakia, Prague, Czech Cold War,It is the so-called spy capital。The billboard on the high-rise is falling down to kill ten people.,At least nine is a spy,The rest is the double-sided spy。

And the land of He Luo,It is the forefront of the West Wei and North Qi spy!
It can be said that it is a http://www.happy99999.cnmembrane,Can be penetrated forward。
Gao Boyi’s strength is in psychology,Use,Ideological,Ideal。
But routine routine,Still need to be active。certainly,By the way, it is also a monitoring.,This is the scope of emperor。
“As long as someone,other things,Package。Under the official,Is good at this way。”Wang Jun said proudly。
Look,This high ocean is really useful.!
Gao Boi nodded,I want to cooperate with Wang Jun should be very happy.,Or both of them are required。
but,Wanxi Wei is not reasonable,Directly send a slap,What should I do if I lead??
Seeing Wang Jun,Not too like being a positive person。
Gao Bao is guilty in his heart,But there is no sound。Say the question in the heart,Do not be too insulting。Wang Jun’s attitude is very polite,Even if you want to ask,Can’t say now。
“What is the conscientious? ?”Seeing Gao Baoyi face,Wang Jun asked nervously。
“River Luo,It is the frontier,Boofed with Wei Guo。If it is the army of the country,Minggong can have a good policy?”
Gao Baoyi arched。
This can be hard in Wang Jun.。
He is longer than defense,But limited to daily propellant,Excuse,Packed up a small stock an army, etc.。Let him lead the army hard,Indeed, some strong people are difficult。
“实 不 相,The next official is indeed not more than this。”Wang Jun said something ashamed。
No one is perfect,This is also something wrong.。It can be able to fade like Wei Xia width,The generals who can fell war are uncomfortable.。
“but,If someone can go out of the mountain,It is not difficult to。”Wang Jun said some hesitation。
This is like a fairy tone,Let Gao Baoyi!
He quickly asked Wang Jun’s hand asking:“Ming Gong tells me quickly,Who is this person?!”
“Wang Shengzheng,Eastern Han Situ after Wang Yun!”
Wang Jun said a word,Subsequent,Do not do any explanation。
“Wang Szzhi?”
Gao Boyi is also ininkting,Of course, who knows who this person is,Because this person is too famous.!
Wang Szzhi once is Hech’s famous Western Wei name,Very difficult!
He has been a school for the Northern Wei Diwu Emperor.,Because of the work of support,Cumulative Chinese military general、Large manager、http://www.jishengjiaye.cnQixian Hou,After the filial piety, the Emperor is invested in Yutai,Entering Taiyuan County。It can be said that he is the big man in the big man.。
After the filial piety,Wang Sheng is still reused,United House,Zhenwei,Etude。
Wei Xia widen can blocked high in Yushu, it is better to die.,Wang Shengzheng。Because Yu Yicheng is Wang Shengzheng。If there is no to build a city,Ten Wei Xia width also can’t stop tens of thousands of troops。
Wang Sichuan’s brilliant and ending in the fourteenth year of the fourteen and fifteen years.548549year。
Daban fourteen years,At that time, the Eastern Wei general Gao Yue and others were surrounded by Sichuan.。Wang Shengzhi’s homage,Continuously,And kill Murong Shaozong、Liu Fengsheng and other East Wei general。
Turquity fifteen years,Eastern Wei Great General Gaocheng personally,Finally overcome Sichuan。Wang Sheng Zheng suicide,East Wei Jun captive。But Gao Cheng very respectd him.,Take him to Yucheng,Not difficult。
North Qi established,Gao Yang Shi Wang Sichuan is the official book,Take the prison related matters。He began to enter the soy sauce state,There is no other tree again,Until now。
Probably sorrow, I am dying.,Gao Bo Yi is so understandable。