At last,Was taken away by a man with a scar for 3.65 million。

Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty One Lucky coke
Subsequently,It’s a few antiques with no special features,Don’t talk about Populus,Even the audience in the live broadcast room feels normal,Even a little boring,They were photographed for hundreds of thousands。
This kind of thing,Brother Hu usually lets them see more。It can be said,The audience in the live room,My vision has changed a lot,No antiques over a million,Not a boutique。
Follow the wish to reach 350,000,Hu Yang fulfills his promise,Start drawing five lucky viewers,Finally let the audience in the live broadcast room lift their spirits。
The Coke that was just broadcast was lying tiredly on the bed in the dormitory,I don’t even bother to remove makeup。
She is so tired today,Live broadcast from 11 o’clock last night,until now,Almost ten hours。Do nothing,Sit for ten hours,Will make people uncomfortable。
Coke is her live name,She has been in contact with the live broadcast industry for less than a month,Be regarded as a new anchor。
Live this industry,Not as beautiful as she thought,Cruel,too difficult。This time,She is always instilled in the guild that she can make big money,Otherwise it would be difficult to sustain。
Like today,Stay up late and live for ten hours,The list is still so pulling,It doesn’t add up to two hundred yuan,Platform take half,The guild took another 20%,It’s tens of dollars in hand。
Such income,Not as good as the waiter。Before she graduated,Distribute flyers are far higher than this income,Although standing,But sometimes sitting is more tiring than standing。