They seem to have seen Wanyan brand from Hui ProvinceVCDDVD player along the highway、The railroad swarmed in960Thousands of households over 10,000 square kilometers,Even with the 10,000-ton giant ship sailing across the ocean,Wanyan Electronics makes a lot of money,While Hui Province received huge taxes,,Also got a huge、Leading electronic company with huge influence……

It happened at this time,Leilani who feels almost hot·Taylor,A scoop of cold water poured on everyone’s head:“of course,The premise of this bright future,Is solvedVCDPatent disputes,otherwise……”
Really a scoop of cold water,Icy cold、The kind with ice scum,When she mentionedVCDOf patent issues,The leaders of Hui Province reacted instantly,Then I realized that there was a huge obstacle ahead of this wonderful prospect:Not resolvedVCDOf this patent dispute,All the bright prospects that Miss Taylor just said were just in vain。
If Leilani·Tyler doesn’t need to draw this pie for everyone.,Even if everyone knows about the dinner one day in the futureVCD’S patents were preemptively registered by European and American companies,It’s not too serious,It’s nothing more than sighing at some point“Ugh,In fact, we had good things back then,Lack of external experience,Take advantage of the damn Yang Maozi,Look at these dogsXIs making a lot of money now、Eat the brain full of fat,Not afraid of being crushed!”,And treat it as a so-called lesson,At most,At a criticism and self-criticism meeting,Do a self-review,Indicates that I recognized the mistake,That’s it。
But not anymore,At least tens of millions of units per yearVCDProduct,The future may be2000Ten thousand、3000station,How much is this?!
Although the leaders here don’t know a Wanyan brandVCDHow much does a DVD player cost?,But it doesn’t matter,Can you refer to the video tape player,A video tape player costs three to four thousand,So oneVCDThe price of the DVD player cannot be lower than this price anyway.?Assuming market disruption retail price is4000One yuan,that1000The total theoretical sales amount of 10,000 units is……
Just counted here,Many leaders feel that their hearts are almost too much to bear:400100 million!A lot of money!
If you really are like Leilani·As Miss Taylor said,Can produce and sell in one year1000WantaiVCDDVD player,Then the theoretical sales amount is400100 million!
Even if the factory price is set at2500Piece,thats right250100 million!
Even like Leilani·As Miss Taylor said,Cost will drop after mass production,And directly drive down prices,Even ex-factory price1800、Market retail price2500All right,thats right180100 million!
180Hundred million!
How much can it bring to Hui ProvinceGDPAnd tax?
If you count the drive to the upstream and downstream industrial chain,How much can it driveGDPAnd tax?!
This is still annual1000Wantai,If the capacity is expanded to1500Wantai、2000Wantai and even3000Wantai?
Dare not forget,Everyone feels that their little heart is almost too much to bear。
Also this time,The leaders present without exception began to complain about Jiang Wanmeng:Comrade Jiang,What the hell did it do,Such a good product,I didn’t expect to register a patent?Really……Too ignorant of the overall situation!
They forgot,Although Jiang Wanmeng doesn’t thinkVCDHow important is the patent,But actually I have also reported,I hope to apply for a foreign exchange with the province,Used to registerVCDForeign patents,It’s just that the province can’t bear the foreign exchange,And Jiang Wanmeng doesn’t thinkVCDHow important is the patent,Did not insist,So things have become the current situation。
“This oneVCDProduction base,Must be high!”