“Yes indeed,The Provincial Museum has confirmed the authenticity!”

“It seems that the discovery《Preface》’S little brother is really an expert!”
“Master in the folk,I have already said that this little brother is an expert!”
The comment below is another compliment to Chen Xiu,Of course, many people in it have scolded him。
but,Isn’t it like this for netizens?。
Anyway,It’s also about typing on the keyboard,No cost at all!
True incense law,Who knows!
Chen Xiu smiled,Light cloud and light wind。
He let him go,The breeze blows the hills!
Scold me,I won’t lose a dime in my pocket;Like me,It’s not like a dime!
I just can’t think of what Qin Zhi said last night, she will solve it,It turned out to be such a solution!
This woman is really generous!
“Special,Chen Xiu is so lucky,This makes him white!”
Fusheng pawns luggage and Kui An is also reading this news,He originally thought Chen Xiu was already a famous street,After one night, it turns white again,Gritted his teeth with anger。