Chen Xiu felt her sincere,Took Ou Sheng into his arms,Whispered comforting in her ear:“do not worry,I didn’t come back well。”

Osheng still wants to struggle out of his embrace,Chen Xiu is with the strong embrace,Ou Sheng is not resisting gradually。
The two are hugging each other tightly。
after an hour,Ou Sheng and Chen Xiu cuddled together on the sofa,Listening to Chen Xiu finishing the recent events。
If you change someone to tell her such a ridiculous story,She must think the other party is lying to her。
“Zhang Haibao said to go to Centipede Ridge in three days,I guess this is closely related to Ge Hong。”
Chen Xiu analyzed:“Your dad and Uncle Ye are too dangerous in Centipede Ridge,You still persuade,Let your dad leave。”
Ou Sheng shook his head and said:“My dad’s cancer cells have spread throughout the body,The palace doctor determined that the life expectancy is no more than one month at most,It’s useless to persuade anyone now。”
Chen Xiu also understands that human beings face the fear of death,And with Ou Jianhua’s temperament,Don’t talk about zombies to win,Even if there is an atomic bomb exploding in Centipede Ridge,He is also willing to stay blog。
As for Ye Hongfei, they probably think so。
When the two are getting tired of doing things together,Chen Xiu’s phone rang,Li Lili is calling。