Beijing: It is not necessary to leave Beijing to reduce aggregation activities to suspend cross-provincial tourism

  Xinhua News Agency, October 23 (Reporter Wang Junxi) reporter learned from Beijing on the 23rd that Beijing requires a large-scale meeting, forum and other aggregation activities, suspend cross-provincial tourism, and strengthen epidemic prevention management, community chess room and other closed places Suspension open, strict private clinics, small clinics, pharmacies supervision.

  The 128th meeting of the Beijing New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group held in the morning of October 23 and the Strictly enrichment of the Beijing Management Association Defense Coordination Mechanism Infinitely recognize the situation of the epidemic situation Severe complexity, prevention and control of the epidemic as the current primary task.

  The meeting emphasized that the current maximum risk is to have a contact person with a case of case activity and trajectory. It is a matter of urgent to lock the adhesive, secondary adhesives, and quickly implement control measures, and resolutely control the potential risks.

All districts must work hard in "early", grab time with viruses, the first time to verify, nucleic acid detection and control. Strictly seal the cell management, home observers are not allowed to leave their homes, and strictly prevent cross flow.

Strengthen the management of centralized medical observation points.

Enhance the regional linkage of emergency disposal, share the streamlined information, and timely and accurately push the risk personnel data and control it in place. Foreign related investigations should be verified in the fastest speed.

  The meeting emphasized that the city’s large investigation should be in-depth and meticulous, and the community will carry out "knocking on the door" to ensure the blind area.

There were one example of the 14th and the historical history of the county (city, district, flag) of the above infected people. Strictly put the opening, civil aviation, railway, and enter the Beijing inspection station in Beijing inspection station. Strengthen the nucleic acid detection of key areas and key populations, maintain the order of on-site order, and prevent piles from gathering.

  The meeting emphasized that we must strict social prevention and control. Executing the remote control of the infected person outside the Koi, the emergency response mechanism, and there is an example of the historic city of the tourist history in the region and the above-level market and 14 days, through the health treasure pop-up window. Tip, inform the site to implement epidemic prevention requirements.

It is suggested that the people of the public will not have to go out of Beijing and reduce flow. The public places are strictly implemented, and the temperature test code, wearing mask, ventilation disinfection, "one-meter" and other epidemic prevention measures. Do a good job in vaccine to strengthen immunization. Strengthen supervision and inspection, the history of concealing the history of travel, the symptoms are not reported, and the anti-control measures are not implemented.